Vol. 21, No. 2, Winter 1998

Vol. 21, No. 2, Winter 1998

Publication Date: January 16, 1998

Chair's Message: Why the Section Exists , by Frederick W. Leonhardt, Orlando, FL

Section Announces Jefferson Fordham Award , by John Copelan, Ft. Lauderdale, FL.

Supreme Court Watch , by Beate Bloch, Washington, DC.

Recent Developments , by Peter A. Buchsbaum, Woodbridge, NJ.

Washington's Labyrinthine Ways , by Otto J. Hetzel, Washington, DC.

Environmental Update , by Stephanie P. Brown, Baltimore, MD.

Special Government Operations and Liability Law Issue
Sponsored by the Section's Government Operations and Liability Law Committee
  • Multi-Racial Democracy: Not a Black-and-White Issue, by Benjamin E. Griffith, Cleveland, MS.
  • Recent Supreme Court Developments in the Area of Public Official Immunities, by Barry Abrams, Houston TX.
  • Government and the Internet: Unsettled Issues, by Robert A. Heverly, Albany, NY.
  • The Sturgis Decision: A Small Town Has a Big Impact on Cable TV Negotiations, by John H. Gibbon, Cleveland, OH.
  • Use of a Claims Process to Avoid Litigation, by Kenneth E. Barden, Dayton, OH.

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