Vol. 34, No. 4 summer 2011

State & Local Law News provides information concerning current developments in the law of interest to state and local government lawyers, news about activities of the Section, and other information of professional interest to Section members.

Summer 2011
Volume 34, No. 4

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In This Issue

New Orleans Charter Strengthens the Master Plan, page 1

Florida Comprehensive Planning System Encounters Stormy Weather, page 1

Chair’s Message, page 3

Section News
Toronto Fordham Society Luncheon, page 2 
— ABA Annual Meeting in Toronto, page 5
— Nominating Committee Report, page 6
— 2011 Fall Meeting in Tucson, page 7

Section Innovative Thinking at Home in Portland, page 8

Supreme Court Watch: A Case of Recusal Refusal, page 9