Vol 24, No. 4, Summer 2001

Volume 24, No. 4, Summer 2001

Publication Date: Summer 2001

Chair's Message , by Patrick K. Arey.

Supreme Court Watch , by L. Anthony Sutin

Recent Developments , by Peter A. Buchsbaum

Washington's Labyrinthineways , by Otto J. Hetzel

Annual Meeting Program

With feature articles on:

Planning by Plebiscite: The Ballot Box Is the Wrong Forum for California's Growth Wars, by Steven R. Meyers, San Leandro, California, and Rafael Mandelman, San Leandro, California.

Congress Passes (and the President Signs) Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act of 2000, Edward J. Sullivan, Portland, Oregon.

Legal Challenges to State Legislative Term Limits in Michigan: A Retrospective,Robert A. Sedler, Detroit,Michigan and Otto J. Hetzel, Washington, D.C.