Section Bylaws Revision

Vol. 37 No. 2

During the 2014 Midyear Meeting, we invite the membership in attendance during the Midyear Meeting in Chicago to participate in a general vote to change our Section Bylaws, in accordance with the Board of Governor’s recommendation. The Council voted unanimously in support of the measure, subsequently approved by the ABA Board of Governors, and must now be voted upon by the general members of the Section present at the Midyear Meeting. Any member who would like to vote, but will not be able to attend the meeting to vote, may communicate their vote to the Section Secretary before, during, or after the meeting.

Section 3, the termination of membership section, would change from:

Any member of the Section whose annual dues are more than six months past due shall cease to be a member of the Section.

To read:

A person whose dues are delinquent by a period set by the Board of Governors shall cease to be a member of the Section. Any person who ceases to be a member of the Association shall also cease to be a member of the Section.


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