Message from the Chair

Vol. 10 No. 2


Once again, we have a terrific issue of The SciTech Lawyer. It will entertain you and edify you. In keeping with this year’s theme, “It’s a Jungle Out There!,” this edition focuses on cybercrimes, including government surveillance. “Constitutionality of NSA Cybersurveillance . . . ” reviews recent cases on this subject. Hint: they are inconsistent!

“State-Sponsored Cybercrime . . .” is a frightening description of what governments are doing already and can do in the future to disrupt individuals and private businesses. As a senior partner of mine said about another matter, “If you aren’t losing sleep over that, you’re not thinking about it enough!” Your company’s (or government’s and/or individual) assets can be stolen very quickly, and you might not even know as “Pillaging the Digital Treasure Troves” demonstrates.

Did you know that cybercriminals use computer games both to steal your identity and to access your private records? Find out how in “Criminals and Computer Games.” In fact, just using the Internet to purchase things, buy tickets, watch movies, and so forth, and even where you go with your smartphone, may already tell the wrong people more than you want them to know. “Whoops! How Your ‘Convenience’ Broadcasts Your Secrets” explains more. Finally, Ruth Hill Bro tops off this issue with “ruby slippers” to help us access our Section and ABA resources more efficiently.

We want to make membership in SciTech a very easy decision. Reasonably priced, deeply discounted, and sometimes free access to fun content that helps your practice reinforces the SciTech Edge. That is our commitment and our promise. By the time you read this, SciTech leadership will have just completed our strategic planning retreat at our Midyear Meeting in Chicago. Our plan delivers enhanced value to members.

Technology and the market constantly evolve and change. We’ve seen that recently in the legal field and in our flat economic “recovery.” Science and technology development continue to accelerate. These changes impact your needs. We assess how to best serve you and adjust based on some educated assumptions about the future.

Thank you for being a part of SciTech and the ABA. This is a wonderful organization, because of members and leaders like you. We welcome your recommendations to improve. SciTech is our Section and passion!

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