Mobile Device Security

Vol. 9 Special Edition

Robert Thibadeau, Ph.D., is Senior Vice President and Chief Scientist at Wave Systems, an adjunct professor in the School of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon (teaching computer security since 1996), and a contributing author on encryption to the ABA book titled Data Breach and Encryption Handbook (2011). He can be reached at Lucy L. Thomson is principal of Livingston PLLC, a Washington, DC, law firm (which focuses on law and technology, particularly cybersecurity and global data privacy), Chair of the ABA Section of Science & Technology Law, and editor of the Data Breach and Encryption Handbook (2011). She can be reached at

As the use of mobile devices explodes around the globe,1 concerns about the security of data and communications on mobile devices are increasing. Data breaches are occurring with alarming frequency throughout the mobile device environment, in all industry sectors, among all types of companies large and small, and among governments around the globe.2 In 2012 through mid-2013, the loss or theft of 132 mobile devices resulted in exposure of more than 2,680,000 personal records.

In addition to personal records, security failures related to mobile devices have also exposed confidential communications, intellectual property, and other sensitive business information. The harm to individuals and organizations can be extensive, including fraud, identity theft, and a multiplicity of breakdowns in data protection such as data theft, privacy violations, and spying. As mobile devices are increasingly employed for payments and electronic health records, theft of money, goods, services, and the most sensitive personal health records will become more frequent.

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