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SciTech members have so many opportunities to stand out, make connections that matter, and access members-only content through unlimited access to more than 25 hot-topic committees (and list serves), including seven under SciTech’s new Security, Privacy, and Information Law Division:

  • Cloud Computing
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  • Homeland Security
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  • Privacy and Computer Crime
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Stand Out

SciTech is on the lookout for the next generation of leaders in its more than 25 committees, including those in our new Security, Privacy, and Information Law Division. Opportunities include serving as an update editor, a newsletter editor, or a social media contributor (Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter), among so many others. Complete a quick survey at to indicate your interest areas, provide your contact information, and tell us a little about your background. Why settle for blending in, when you can stand out in SciTech?

Groundbreaking SciTech Books

SciTech has long been known for its groundbreaking books, which include many that explore privacy and security-related issues, such as the Digital Signature Guidelines (1996), International Guide to Combating Cybercrime (2003), The Discovery Revolution (2005), U.S. Data Breach Notification Laws State by State (2007), The Practitioner’s Guide to Biometrics (2007), A Guide to HIPAA Security and the Law (2007), Virtual Law: Navigating the Legal Landscape of Virtual Worlds (2008), and Foundations of Digital Evidence (2008). SciTech members get a free chapter from a SciTech book every quarter, plus super discounts when they buy our books. Check out SciTech books at technology/publications/books.html. Recent SciTech privacy/security books include:

Data Breach and Encryption Handbook

(Lucy L. Thomson, editor; 2011). SciTech Member Price: $95.95 ($119.95 regular price). This comprehensive resource examines escalating data breaches and their legal ramifications, encryption technology, recognized methods of resolving breaches, and related information security aspects.

Electronic Evidence and Discovery: What Every Lawyer Should Know

(Michele C.S. Lang and Kristin M. Nimsger, authors; 2009). SciTech Member Price: $89.95 ($99.95 regular price). This resource provides practical information regarding the legal and technological aspects of the e-discovery process in the real world.

Information Security – A Practical Guide for Lawyers, Global Executives and Technologists

(Thomas J. Shaw, editor; 2011). SciTech Member Price: $95.95 ($119.95 regular price). This book provides a practical and comprehensive approach to international and domestic information security and privacy statutes for lawyers (who must understand data protection obligations, liabilities, and risks) and top executives (who must understand the laws and industry sector-specific rules in countries where they do business).

Phenomenal SciTech Programs

Ever focused on the future in its programming, SciTech takes on first-of-their kind issues with an unmatched theoretical vigor, but also delivers practical, hands-on value, on a breathtaking range of issues. Whether it’s e-discovery and electronic evidence, information governance, data protection in the cloud, information security, e-privacy, homeland security, computer crime, social media, or cybersecurity, SciTech is probably doing (and has done) a program on it. Each year, SciTech members get two free webinars/teleconferences and free access to a podcast archive filled with insights on emerging issues (at SciTech members also get deep discounts on in-person programs and webinars/teleconferences for CLE credit. Check out the latest SciTech programs at science_technology/events_cle.html.

Must-Have SciTech Periodicals and Articles

Every year, SciTech members receive three periodicals, each delivered quarterly, designed to provide the inside track on the latest scitech law developments, including privacy, security, and information law issues:

  • The SciTech Lawyer, our magazine with cutting-edge coverage, including the recurring column, CPO Corner: Interviews with Leading Chief Privacy Officers;
  • SciTech e-Merging News, our electronic newsletter with timely practice perspectives and Section activities/opportunities; and
  • Jurimetrics, our quarterly electronic (and searchable) law review published by the Section and the Center for Law, Science & Innovation of the Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law at Arizona State University.
  • SciTech members also get free access 24/7 to dozens of articles on privacy, security, and information law issues, among other topics, at lawyer_archive.html.


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