Message from the Chair

Vol. 8 No. 3

Affiliating With Other Lawyers

I’m delighted to be writing the second of four Messages from the Chair for The SciTech Lawyer.

Chairing is easier than I thought. Don’t get me wrong—it’s a lot of work—but fortunately you’re never compelled to operate in a vacuum. Not only is our peerless staff standing by at all times to make sure you get it just right . . .

Chair: I’m introducing a 10 percent gross income tithe for members, and a daily 5 p.m. leadership webinar . . . conducted in a different language every week, to strengthen our ties with the Section of International Law.

Staff:  Thanks for the update! Say, do you mind if we run this by the Officers during our next conference call? They may have a couple of ideas for making it, um . . . even better.

 . . . but you’re also drawn into ever-closer contact with what everyone ultimately agrees is SciTech’s greatest resource—our astonishingly diverse, intellectually curious, and personally supportive membership. As a result, the days just fly by.

All of this is fortunate for another reason as well. In the first of these columns, I indicated that there are four reasons our colleagues join a Section: (1) to look like a better lawyer; (2) to become a better lawyer; (3) to affiliate with other lawyers; and (4) to help other lawyers. A critical role for the Chair is to establish a position and follow through. It would be very embarrassing if I had to come back and urge you to “forget about (3) . . . keep your head down and just try to make money; sooner or later dealing with these people will force you right out of the profession.”

Because affiliating with other lawyers is a boon instead of a hindrance, how does SciTech help us do it?

• Committees: The best way to find a community of lawyers who are interested in similar topics and issues is to join a committee. Committee membership helps to grow business connections and provides a forum for informal learning and networking experiences.

• Social Networking: Keep up with the latest trends and hot topics through regular posts on SciTech’s LinkedIn group page, and connect with your colleagues and learn about upcoming events through SciTech’s Facebook page. Follow SciTech programs in real time and receive breaking news via Twitter (@ABASciTech).

• Sponsored Events: Nothing connects lawyers better than face-to-face events. SciTech regularly holds local “Think Outside the Box Lunch” events and programs. The next scheduled lunch is at the ABA Headquarters in Chicago on Friday, January 27, from 12:00 noon to 1:30 p.m.  The topic will be “Cloud Computing: Healthcare IT Models.”  Also, please plan to attend the ABA Annual Meeting this year—in just a few days we can earn an entire year’s worth of CLE, meeting and networking with other lawyers who share our experiences, concerns, and goals.

We’re committed to keeping you connected with your colleagues in all of these ways and more. I’m always delighted to hear from you, and I hope you won’t hesitate to contact me directly at 877-877-6692 or at if I can help in any way.

Also, please visit our Section website at for more information on SciTech’s “Year of the Mind” theme and related CLE opportunities.


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