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Vol. 8 No. 4


Do you want to develop specific expertise and raise your profile among prospective employers and clients? The Section’s committees always have a wide variety of projects, which are both short-term and long-term based on your availability and interest level. Volunteering for a committee project is a great way to connect with national legal and industry experts who share similar interests as you contribute to the ABA and Section’s work. Some examples are listed below.

The Section seeks additional social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, and/or Twitter), blurb, and website editors to focus on targeted subject matter from our committees. If you are interested, please email julia.passamani@americanbar.org.   

The Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Committee (http://www2.americanbar.org/sections/scitech/ST248008/Pages/default.aspx) has several opportunities:

Follow breaking developments related to self-driven cars (Google-sponsored cars, DARPA Challenge, new Nevada law authorizing self-driving cars, etc). Projects may include writing and/or teleconference. Contact: Chair Matt Henshon, mhenshon@henshon.com.

Follow developments in privacy issues, especially the recent unanimous decision in U.S. v.  Jones, 132 S. Ct. 945 (2012). Contact:  Vice-Chair Mark Borowski, samuel.mark.borowski@gmail.com. Follow developments in drones (Predators, etc.) in both foreign airspace and the proposed “drone-only” area over Oklahoma. Contact:  Vice-Chair Ryan Brown, brownr@amered.com.

Update legal issues around telemedicine, in connection with a proposed CLE seminar later in the year. Contact: Chair Matt Henshon, mhenshon@henshon.com.

The E-Commerce Payments Committee is developing a chart on state payment system laws (and related data security laws except for data breach notice laws). It needs an army of volunteers, and the greater the participation, the greater the accuracy and usefulness of the chart. The Committee has made it possible to participate in this project online.

Managers: David Billeter and Tony Donoho of the SciTech E-Commerce Payments Committee.

What the project is: the SciTech committee has established a technological structure for a chart of state payment laws. The structure allows users directly to input content without waiting for an editor.

Where is the chart? Go to http://www.legalismens.com. The ABA site’s technology can’t yet handle the platform, so the chart is currently on a non-ABA server.

For more information, contact Committee Chair Holly Towle, holly.towle@klgates.com.

The Biotechnology Law Committee needs assistance in restructuring and updating content on the Biotechnology Law Committee’s website portal. We seek enthusiastic and imaginative volunteers to work with the Committee’s leadership and post content, highlight the Committee’s events and news articles, and make our website more user-friendly. Our goal is to make this website a valuable and productive resource for our scientist, student, and lawyer members, and is an ideal opportunity to network and engage with our members. Please contact vice-chairs Wasim Bleibel (wbleibel@gmail.com) or Vid Mohan-Ram (vid.mohan-ram@simplot.com) for more details.

The Committee for the Rights and Responsibilities of Scientists (CORRS) is looking to develop a series of Issue Primers for broad dissemination. Volunteers would be asked to develop a brief three- to four-paragraph overview of a legal or policy issue involving science or scientific research. Please contact
Andrew Robertson (CORRS Co-Chair) at arobertson@berkeley.edu for more information.

CORRS is also looking for a new editor for its quarterly electronic blurb titled SciStatus Update.

The Committee on Technical Standardization is seeking an editor for its biweekly SciTech Standards Law Update newsletter (previous editions available on our Committee website from www.ambar.org/scitechcommittees). The editor would have primary responsibility for collecting relevant legal and agency developments in the world of technical standardization and compiling them into a short emailed alert every two weeks or so. Some experience with the law of technical standardization is preferred, but not required. For more information, contact julia.passamani@americanbar.org.

If your committee has a volunteer opportunity to list in the next issue, contact Gilbert Whittemore at gilwhittem@aol.com.

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