Fall 2012, Volume 42, Number 1

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Public Contract Law Journal
Volume 42 Number 1
Fall 2012


Let the Government Contract: The Sovereign Has the Right, and Good Reason, to Shed Its Sovereignity When It Contracts
Stuart B. Nibley and Jade Totman

The Federal Circuit's Abrogation of the NAFI Doctrine: An En Banc Message with Implications for Other Jurisdictional Challenges?
W. Stanfield Johnson

Beyond Judicial Activism: Federal Circuit Decisions Legislating New Contract Requirements
Richard C. Johnson

Observations on the Federal Circuit's Impact on Bid Protest Litigation Since ADRA 
James J. McCullough, Michael J. Anstett, and Brian M. Stanford

En Banc Consideration of Government Contract Issues at the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit
James J. Gallagher, David J. Ginsberg, and Keith M. Byers

Close Encounters: Government Contracts Law Meets Patent Law at the Federal Circuit
Robert K. Huffman

The Plain Meaning Rule in the Federal Circuit: An Update of Case Law After Coast Federal Bank, FSB v. United States
E. Sanderson Hoe and Mary E. Buxton

The Role of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit in Government Contract Disputes: A Historic View from the Bench
Ruth C. Burg


How to Win Friends and Influence Government Contracts Law: Improving the Use of Amicus Briefs at the Federal Circuit
Jayna Marie Rust

Pleading Requirements for Claims by Contractors Against the Government: Applying Twombly and Iqbal After the Federal Circuit's Decision in Todd Contrcution, L.P.
Adam Angelo Bartolanzo

In Memoriam

Norman L. Roberts, January 17, 1935 - June 12, 2012
Mark E. Langevin



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