Summer 2012, Volume 41, Number 4

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Public Contract Law Journal
Volume 41 Number 4
Summer 2012


Death Benefits for Servicemembers: A Case Study on the Department of Veterans Affairs and Its Life Insurance Contract
Philip S. Hadji

Guarding the Guardians: Accountability in Qui Tam Litigation Under the Civil False Claims Act
Sean Elameto

The $435 Hammer and $600 Toilet Seat Scandals: Does Media Coverage of Procurement Scandals Lead to Procurement Reform?
Airon A. Mothershed

Principled or Practical Responsibility: Sixty Years of Discussion 
John Bryan Warnock

Expediency at the Expense of Governmental Propriety: Personal Service Contractors in the Procurement Office
William Charles Moorhouse

A Response to Ryan P. Carpenter's "The Bottom of the Smart Weapon Production Chain: Securing the Supply of Rare Earth Elements for the U.S. Military"
Nicholas Sanders


Another Perspective on Too Big to Debar: BP, the Environmental Protection Agency, and the World Bank
Nolan A. Kulbiski

The Problems with Using Renewable Energy Certificates to Meet Federal Renewable Energy Requirements
Loni Silva

Mission "Critical Function": Improving Outsourcing Decisions Within the Intelligence Community

Evan Sills 

Reducing Pharmceutical Fraud: In Search of the Cocktail Perscription
Joshua C. Snow



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