Adapt or Perish: The Time Is Now for Non-Lawyer Ownership of Law Firms

Vol. 22 No. 3


Frederic S. Ury is a founding member of Ury Moskow, LLC, in Fairfield, CT, where he practices civil and criminal litigation. Mr. Ury is Chair of the ABA Standing Committee on Professionalism and former President of the National Conference of Bar Presidents and of the Connecticut Bar Association. Mr. Ury served on the ABA Commission on Ethics 20/20.

The time is overdue for lawyers to think deeply about what the legal profession will look like in five and ten years. Unfortunately, the fact of the matter is that our present business model is dead or dying. The facts on the ground are telling us what we already know, but don’t want to admit because our profession is afraid of disruptive change. Our collective unwillingness to engage on unavoidable issues such as non-lawyer ownership, the inability of much of the population to afford legal representation, and a rapidly changing landscape in the practice of law have made us our own worst enemy.

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