Alan F. Rothschild Jr.

Alan Rothschild is a marathon man—literally. Over the past several years, he has completed six marathons in six states, including the New York and Chicago marathons. While juggling his law practice and training schedule was a challenge, Alan admits, “These marathons pale in comparison to the intense competition of the Section’s infamous Dirt and Death Run” (a friendly jog organized during a Section meeting a few years ago).

Alan engages in a broad probate and trust practice with a mid-size southeastern law firm. He has a particular interest and expertise in family wealth succession issues and charitable gift planning. He is a member of ACTEC and also a board member of the Southeastern Council of Foundations, the regional association of grant makers in the Southeast.

Alan has worked to set up the Section’s estate planning public web page to provide information on estate planning and estate administration. He has also enjoyed presenting programs at the Section’s Spring and Annual Meetings on estate planning practice management and current issues facing tax-exempt organizations.

“My involvement with the Section has had a positive impact on my practice in a number of important ways.” He regularly takes advantage of the Section’s CLE opportunities and publications to receive expert, up-to-date information on significant developments in estate planning. Alan also recognizes the edge Section participation brings in the new business arena. “Specifically, the Section CLE programs on designing and defending family limited partnerships and designing estate plans in the face of the uncertainties surrounding our federal transfer tax system have given me a competitive edge and generated significant work from accountants and trust officers who recognize the importance of current information on these important issues.”

The opportunity to interact with colleagues from around the country at the Section’s meetings has provided Alan opportunities to discuss complex planning concepts with some of the most well-known estate planners in the country. “Members of the Section are extremely generous with their time and knowledge. I always come away from our meetings with solutions for real-life problems and new ideas to implement in my practice.”

Victoria M. de Lisle

Victoria de Lisle is a partner in the New Orleans office of Locke Liddell & Sapp LLP. During her first few years of practice, Victoria was involved in senior housing regulation and development in connection with the representation of the first two continuing care retirement communities established in the state of Louisiana. As a means of becoming expert in this area, Victoria joined the RPTE Section’s committee on senior housing. Within a year, Victoria became vice-chair of that committee and then the chair, a position she held until 2004. In the last 13 years, Victoria’s practice has changed considerably. Today, her practice includes military housing, cellular communications tower acquisitions, bankruptcy restructurings, and a variety of financing transactions.

Victoria is very proud of the work she did during her tenure as vice-chair and chair of the Committee on Senior Housing and Assisted Living. Over the course of the last several years, that committee sponsored seven programs, including two Presidential Showcase programs. In 2004, Victoria was appointed vice-chair of the Residential, Multifamily and Special Use Group. She is also very excited about becoming involved in the standing committees of the Section. In 2003 she served on the Nominating Committee. Both Victoria and Alan Rothschild have been appointed co-chairs of the New Members Initiative.

For Victoria, membership in the Section has both tangible and intangible benefits. She is always pleased to receive a business referral or an introduction to a new client from a fellow Section member. But she also has made many friends in the Section. Victoria’s clients, co-workers, and attorney colleagues are impressed when they learn that she is actively involved in the RPTE Section of the ABA. Victoria appreciates the “certain prestige that goes along with Section involvement.”

When she is not working, Victoria enjoys spending time with her husband, Michael, and their Labrador, Sampson. In addition to her cooking hobby, Victoria enjoys wine tastings and collects culinary antiques.

Victoria has served on the legal committee of the Louisiana SPCA, is actively involved in the International Conference of Shopping Centers, and has recently joined the New Orleans chapter of CREW.