P R O B A T E   &   P R O P E R T Y
September/October 2002
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Section News

2002-03 Section Leadership

The 2002-03 Section leaders took office at the ABA Annual Meeting in Washington, D.C. The new Section leaders are:


Dennis I. Belcher, Richmond, VA


Philip J. Bagley III, Richmond, VA

Vice-Chair, Probate & Trust Division:

Edward F. Koren, Tampa, FL

Vice-Chair, Real Property Division:

Kevin L. Shepherd, Baltimore, MD

Finance and Corporate Sponsorship Officer:

Steven R. Akers, Dallas, TX


Kathleen M. Martin, Minneapolis, MN

Last Retiring Chair:

David K.Y. Tang, Seattle, WA

House of Delegates Members:

Donna G. Barwick, Atlanta, GA

John S. Hollyfield, Houston, TX

Raymond J. Werner, Chicago, IL

ABA Board of Governors Liaison:

Earl E. Anderson, Vienna, VA

Probate & Trust Division Council Members:

Christine L. Albright, Chicago, IL

Jo Ann Engelhardt, Palm Beach, FL

David M. English, Santa Clara, CA

Thomas M. Featherston Jr., Waco, TX

Ellen K. Harrison, Washington, DC

Linda B. Hirschson, New York, NY

Carlyn S. McCaffrey, New York, NY

Tina L. Hestrom Portuondo,

Coral Gables, FL

Bruce S. Ross, Los Angeles, CA

Alan F. Rothschild Jr., Columbus, GA

Linda S. Whitton, Valparaiso, IN

Harvey B. Wallace II, Detroit, MI

Assistant Secretary, Probate & Trust Division:

David J. Dietrich, Billings, MT

Real Property Division Council Members:

Michael D. Goler, Cleveland, OH

Mark F. Mehlman, Chicago, IL

Barry B. Nekritz, Chicago, IL

Timothy E. Powers, Dallas, TX

Roseleen Parker Rick, Richmond, VA

Richard S. Rivitz, Cleveland, OH

Ann M. Saegert, Dallas, TX

Sidney G. Saltz, Chicago, IL

Kenneth L. Samuelson, Washington, DC

Shannon J. Skinner, Seattle, WA

Susan G. Talley, New Orleans, LA

Roger D. Winston,

Silver Spring, MD

Assistant Secretary, Real Property Division:

Dale Penneys Levy, Philadelphia, PA

RPPT Committee Reorganization

During this past bar year, the leadership from each of the Section’s divisions worked hard to reorganize their committees. This reorganization resulted in the merging of several committees in both divisions, splitting of a committee into two or more new committees, and the addition of a few new committees. If you are currently a member of a committee that has been merged, you should have received notice of your new committee assignment.  If you have not, you will in the very near future. If you are a Section member and you do not belong to any committees, there has never been a better time to join.

Please take a look at the new and improved Section committees below.

If you have questions on any of our committees, please contact Antonette Smith, at 312/988-5260 or asmith4@staff.abanet.org. To sign up for a committee, please visit our web site or contact the committee coordinator at 312/988-5651 or dennardn@staff.abanet.org.

Probate & Trust Division

Group A—Special Division Activities

RP503000         A-1      CLE

RP504000         A-2      Legal Education

RP602000         A-3      Public Information and Web Content

Group B—Income and Transfer Tax Planning

RP510000         B-1      Generation Skipping Transfers

RP512500         B-2      Estate and Gift Tax

RP581000         B-3      Fiduciary Income Tax

Group C—Business Planning

RP520000         C-1      Business and Investment Entities, Partnerships, LLCs and Corporations

RP522000         C-2      Estate Planning and Administration for Business Owners

RP523000         C-3      Estate Planning and Administration for Farmers and Ranchers

Group D—Charitable Planning and Exempt Organizations

RP530000         D-1      Lifetime and Testamentary Charitable Gift Planning

RP531000         D-2      Organizational and Operational Issues of Exempt Organizations

RP533000         D-3      State and Local Law Concerns of Exempt Organizations

Group E—Elder Law and Disability Planning

RP542000         E-1      Guardianships and Powers of Attorney

RP543000         E-2      Long Term Care, Medicaid and Special Needs Trusts

RP544000         E-3      Health Care Decisions

RP545000         E-4      Bioethics

Group F—Employee Benefit Plans and Other Compensation

RP550000         F-1      Fiduciary Responsibility, Administration and Litigation

RP551000         F-2      Welfare Benefit Plans

RP553000         F-3      Plan Transactions and Terminations

RP554000         F-4      Qualified Plans

RP556000         F-5      Nonqualified Deferred Compensation

Group G—International and Multi-State Planning

RP561500         G-1     International Estate Planning

RP562500         G-2     Estate Planning for Individuals with Multi-State Property or Contacts

Group H—Litigation and Controversy

RP570000         H-1      Estate and Trust Litigation and Controversy

RP571000         H-2      Tax Litigation and Controversy

Group I—Non-Tax Estate Planning Considerations

RP501000         I-1       Uniform Acts for State Probate and Trust Law

RP592500         I-2       Emotional and Psychological Issues in Estate Planning

RP582000         I-3       Non-Tax Issues Affecting the Planning and Administration of Estates and Trusts

Group J—Wealth Planning

RP590000         J-1      Insurance Planning

RP591000         J-2      Financial Planning

RP592000         J-3      Asset Protection Planning

Group K—Practice Management

RP600000         K-1      Economics of the Practice

RP601000         K-2      Technology in the Practice

RP600005         K-3      Electronic Wills, Trusts and Probate

RP572500         K-4      Attorneys Partnering with Non-Lawyers

RP572000         K-5      Ethics and Malpractice

Real Property Division

Group A—Continuing Education and Developments

RP200000         A-1      Division CLE

RP204000         A-2      Significant Legislation

RP203000         A-3      Significant Decisions

RP205000         A-4      Significant Literature and Publications

RP265000         A-5      Uniform Laws

RP207000         A-6      Legal Education

RP208000         A-7      Public Education

Group B—Practice Management

RP210000         B-1      Economics, Technology and Practice Methods

RP211000         B-2      Ethics and Professionalism

RP212000         B-3      Dispute Resolution

RP214000         B-4      Pro Bono

Group C—Land Use and Environmental

RP230000         C-1      Land Use and Zoning

RP231000         C-2      Condemnation

RP264000         C-3      Agribusiness

RP322000         C-4      Environmental

Group D—Real Estate Taxation and Governmental

RP240000         D-1      Federal Taxation of Real Estate

RP241000         D-2      Property Tax

RP243000         D-3      Governmental Incentives

Group E—Commercial Real Estate Transactions and Management

RP220000         E-1      Purchase and Sale

RP262000         E-2      Design and Construction

RP225000         E-3      Easements, Restrictions and Covenants

RP223000         E-4      Title Insurance and Surveys

RP213300         E-5      Brokers and Brokerage

RP226500         E-6      Property, Casualty and Other Non-Title Insurance

RP227500         E-7      Ownership and Management

Group F—Residential, Multifamily and Special Use

RP253000         F-1      Single Family Residential

RP252000         F-2      Multi-Family Residential

RP251000         F-3      Senior Housing and Assisted Living

RP019000         F-4      Affordable Housing

Group G—Leasing

RP301000         G-1     Retail Leasing

RP303000         G-2     Office Leasing

RP305000         G-3     Industrial Leasing

RP309000         G-4     Emerging Issues and Specialty Leases

RP308000         G-5     Assignment and Subleasing

RP309500         G-6     Lease Insurance Issues

Group H—Hospitality, Community Recreation and Common Interest Developments

RP270000         H-1      Development, Operation and Management of CommunityAssociations

RP271000         H-2      Sports, Entertainment and Gaming

RP272200         H-3      Hotels, Resorts and Tourism

RP273000         H-4      Timesharing and Interval Uses

Group I—Real Estate Financing

RP282000         I-1       Construction and Mortgage Lending

RP286200         I-2       Securitization

RP309100         I-3       Lease Finance

RP293300         I-4       Mezzanine Finance

RP293400         I-5       Special Financing Techniques

RP286000         I-6       Workouts, Foreclosure and Bankruptcy

RP213000         I-7       Legal Opinions in Real Estate Transactions

Group J—Special Investors and Investment Structure

RP292000         J-1      Partnerships and Limited Liability Companies

RP601500         J-2      Pension Plan Investments

RP290500         J-3      Real Estate Investment Trusts

RP290800         J-4      Life Insurance Company Investments

RP294000         J-5      Land Trusts

RP291000         J-6      International Investment in Real Estate

RP291900         J-7      Real Estate Investment Fund