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International Hotels, Resorts & Tourism Seminar

The RPTE Section, the International Bar Association and the Inter-Pacific Bar Association sponsored an International Hotels, Resorts & Tourism Seminar held October 21-23, 1998 in Marbella, Spain. Over 90 people attended this successful program. The Section looks forward to co-sponsoring more international programs in the future.

Fall Council Meeting

The Section held its Fall Council Meeting November 5-8, 1998 at
the Four Seasons Resort in Irving, Texas. The meeting was attended by the officers, Council, standing committee members and certain editors, liaisons and past Chairs of the Section. The standing committee meetings were very productive. A full report on the Nominating Committee activities will appear in an upcoming issue of Probate & Property. In addition, the meeting included various receptions and a golf tournament.

10th Annual Spring CLE and Committee Meeting

The Section's 10th Annual Spring CLE and Committee Meeting will be held May 19-23, 1999 at the Renaissance Mayflower Hotel in Washington, D.C. The meeting will include two full days of CLE programs. For registration or other information, contact Michelle Turner, Meetings Manager, at (312) 988-5263. Watch for more details in the March/April issue of Probate & Property and on the Section Website.

Committee Membership

Now that the new year has arrived, Section members are urged to remember the RPPT Committees when making resolutions for 1999. These resolutions might include:

· joining an RPPT committee,
· becoming active in one or more committees,
· joining a group committee list serve (e-mail access required),
· attending a committee meeting or participating in a conference call,
· participating in the planning or execution of a committee CLE program,
· encouraging a colleague or friend to join a committee (or the Section_or both) and
· writing an article on behalf of a committee for Probate & Property or the RPPT Journal.

Committees are the lifeblood of the Section. Joining a committee is the best way to get involved, meet other members and enhance one's career. To receive a Guide to Committees and Committee Preference Questionnaire, call Pamela Hollins, Committee Assistant, at (312) 988-5651 or log onto and register on-line.

Group Committee List serves

To enhance communication between the members of the RPPT Committees, the Section has established a list serve for each group of committees. A list serve is an electronic communication discussion list that allows individuals to communicate with one another via e-mail. This is an easy and very effective way for members of a large group to discuss  issues at one time.

The Section created the Group Committee List serves to facilitate the exchange of topical cases, practical tips, concerns and other legal information among members of the various committees. Committee business information is also disseminated on the lists. The list serves offer an opportunity for lawyers interested in committee projects and substantive issues to network with other lawyers who have similar interests and practice areas.

All members with e-mail access are encouraged to join a list. To join the list under which a committee falls, simply follow the instructions below. Please note that membership in one of the committees in the group list serve is required to join the list.

To subscribe on the Internet:
Visit our list of Real Property Group list servs or Probate and Trust group list servs and follow the directions posted there. 

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