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Probate and Trust Division Groups Conference Calls

 Some national professional organizations for attorneys have periodic committee meetings at which attorneys from all over the country travel to meet together to discuss current developments, the practical effects of those developments on their practices, interesting questions that have arisen in their practices, and committee projects. Attorneys who are active in these organizations look forward to these meetings as the best way to stay abreast of current developments and practical issues that are arising around the country. The RPPT Section provides that same opportunity at the Spring and Fall Meetings and makes that same opportunity available to Section members at other times during the year without the travel requirement.

The Section’s various substantive groups have telephone conference calls (generally lasting about one hour) to discuss current developments, practice issues, and current projects of the groups. The group leaders and the leaders of each of the committees in the group participate in each call together with members of the various committees in the group. Other attorneys are welcome to join the conference calls for a robust discussion.

Here is the schedule of group conference calls (and the toll-free call-in numbers):


February 7 and April 4, 2007—Business Planning Group (Noon/Central; first Wednesday of each month other than March; 1-800-504-8071; pass code 6784957)


March 19, 2007—Income and Transfer Tax Planning Group (Noon/Central; 1-800-504-8071; pass code 6784957)


March 19, 2007—Litigation, Ethics and Malpractice Group (Noon/Central; 1-800-504-8071; pass code 9885824)


March 20, 2007—Charitable Planning and Exempt Organizations Group (Noon/Central; 1-800-504-8071; pass code 6784957)


March 20, 2007—Elder Law, Disability Planning and Bioethics Group (Noon/Central; 1-800-504-8071; pass code 9885824)


March 21, 2007—Employee Benefit Plans and Other Compensation Arrangements Group (Noon/Central; 1-800-504-8071; pass code 6784957)


March 21, 2007—Non-Tax Estate Planning Considerations Group—This group includes committees dealing with uniform acts, emotional issues, administration of trusts and estates, insurance and financial planning, asset protection planning, and economics and technology issues. (Noon/Central; 1-800-504-8071; pass code 9885824) n