Probate & Property

March/April 2002 Vol. 16 No. 2


Reflections on Some Forgotten Terms of Land Measurement

By Mark A. Senn

Grantor Trusts and Income Tax Reporting Requirements: A Primer

By Jonathan G. Blattmachr and Bridget J. Crawford

Settling Real Estate Disputes: The Settlement Agreement

By Dennis L. Greenwald

Property Rights After Palazzolo: When What You Know Can Hurt You

By David L. Callies

On the Brink of Tortious Interference with Inheritance

By Steven K. Mignogna

Transition of Control of the Community Association from the Unit Owners’ Perspective

By Gary A. Poliakoff

Selecting a Trust Situs in the 21st Century

By John A. Warnick and Sergio Pareja

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