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2000-2001 Section Leadership

The 2000-2001 Section leaders officially took office at the ABA Annual
Meeting in New York City. The new Section leadership is as follows:

Louis A. Mezzullo, Richmond, VA

David K.Y. Tang, Seattle, WA

Probate & Trust Division:

Dennis I. Belcher, Richmond, VA

Real Property Division:
Philip J. Bagley III, Richmond, VA

Finance Officer:
Alan J. Robin, San Francisco, CA

Robert E. Wilson, Dallas, TX

Last Retiring Chair:
Beverly J. Quail, Denver, CO

House of Delegates Members:
Donna G. Barwick, Atlanta, GA
John S. Hollyfield, Houston, TX
John A. Wallace, Atlanta, GA

ABA Board of Governors Liaison:
Thomas Z. Hayward Jr., Chicago, IL

Real Property Division
Council Members:
Kathleen M. Martin, Minneapolis, MN
Mark F. Mehlman, Chicago, IL
Timothy E. Powers, Dallas, TX
Richard Rivitz, Cleveland, OH
Sidney Saltz, Chicago, IL
Kenneth L. Samuelson, Washington, DC
Kevin L. Shepherd, Baltimore, MD
Leopold Z. Sher, New Orleans, LA
Shannon J. Skinner, Seattle, WA
Susan G. Talley, New Orleans, LA
Raymond J. Werner, Chicago, IL
Roger D. Winston, Silver Springs, MD

Probate & Trust Division
Council Members:
Steve R. Akers, Dallas, TX
Christine L. Albright, Chicago, IL
David M. English, Santa Clara, CA
Neal J. Fink, Atlanta, GA
Michael L. Graham, Dallas, TX
Ellen K. Harrison, Washington, DC
Joseph G. Hodges, Denver, CO
Edward F. Koren, Tampa, FL
Carlyn S. McCaffrey, New York, NY
Tina L. Hestrom Portuondo,
Coral Gables, FL
Bruce S. Ross, Los Angeles, CA
Harvey B. Wallace, Detroit, MI

Assistant Secretary
Probate & Trust Division:

Alan F. Rothschild Jr., Columbus, GA

Assistant Secretary
Real Property Division:
Joyce D. Palomar, Norman, OK

The Section looks forward to a great year of informative and innovative CLE
programs, committee activities and meetings under the new leadership.

Fall Council Meeting

The Section's Fall Council Meeting will be held at the Ritz Carlton located
on Amelia Island, Florida, November 15-19, 2000. Information about the
meeting will be mailed to invitees. For additional information, contact
Liten Swanson at (312) 988-5263 or swansonl@

Section News Editor: Antonette Smith, 750 N. Lake Shore Dr., Chicago, IL 60611.

Meeting Calendar

Fall Council Meeting
November 15-19, 2000

Amelia Island, FL


ABA Midyear Meeting
February 14-20, 2001

San Diego, CA

For more information, call the Section office at (312) 988-6233


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