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Fall Council Meeting

The Section held its 1999 Fall Council Meeting September 29- October 3 at the Sonnenalp Resort in Vail, Colorado. The meeting was attended by theSection's officers, Council, standing committee members, invited editors, liaisons and past Chairs. The standing committee meetings were very productive. A full report on the Nominating Committee's activities will appear in an upcoming issue.

Committee Chairs-Use Those Web Sites!

Imagine communicating with other committee members anywhere in the world at any time of day, and all of them at once. RPPT committee chairs can use the Section's Web site to do just that. Each Section committee already has its own Web page. Some committees are using their pages to promote, showcase and share their committee work. The Section encourages all committees to add substantive content to their Web pages. Listed below are some sites committees can refer to for ideas to enhance their own Web sites. To find them all, go to the RPPT home page at www.abanet. org/rppt and click on "Committees." 

  • Indoor Environment (RP M-2) Committee. This is the Section's most extensive committee Web page, with a list of links to federal regulatory agencies and information about many indoor air contaminants. The page also features CLE presentations developed by committee members, an index of non-Internet resources, links to relevant articles in Probate & Property and highlights of books relevant to the topic.
  • Guardianships, Conservatorships and Other Protective Arrangements (PT E-1) Committee. This committee has recently posted its Durable Power of Attorney Project, featuring a model document, a commentary about the model and supplementary documents. All are available on the Web and can be downloaded in Microsoft Word.
  • The Title Insurance (RP C-2) and Asset Protection Planning (PT J-3)Committees. These committees have posted minutes from their meetings and links helpful to members on committee home pages. 

A committee can make Web page items accessible only to ABA members, Section members or other committee members. Committees can use this feature to provide a member benefit or to limit discussion on a topic to certain people.

A committee chair who does not have time to work on a Web page should consider appointing a committee member as an internet coordinator to develop a Web page. This is a great way to encourage active participation. Take a look at what these committees have posted, then brainstorm on what would help your committee communicate effectively and learn more about your chosen topic. Anything is possible! Contact Rob King, Technology Manager, at (312) 988-5540, or e-mail kingr@staff. to discuss updating a committee page.

11th Annual Real Property & Estate Planning Symposium

The Section's 11th Annual Real Property & Estate Planning Symposium will be held March 22-26, 2000 at Loew's Hotel in South Beach Miami. The meeting will include two full days of CLE programming. For questions regarding registration or additional information, contact Liten Swanson, CLE & Meetings Manager, at (312) 988-5263. At press time, the following CLE programs were selected:

Real Property Programs

  • Latin American Real Estate Law-What Are the Differences? 
  • Practicing Law in the Ether-The Ethics of the Road Warrior
  • Changing Business Environment for Settlement Services-Strategies for Real
  • Estate Practitioners
  • ABC's of PUD's (Part II)-The Basics of Timesharing
  • ABC's of PUD's (Part III)-Understanding Restrictive Covenants, Rule-Making and Adjusting to a New Millennium 
  • Loew's Knows: A Case Study on a Successful Miami Hotel Development 
  • How the Construction Lender Can Avoid Becoming the Builder 
  • Commercial Finance Basic Skills Series: The Anatomy of a Mortgage (Part III) 
  • Sixth Annual Mortgage Financing Program 
  • Residual Value Insurance for Mortgage Loans
  • The Invisible Hand-Leasing Constraints Imposed by Landlord Lenders 
  • Fundamentals of Commercial Leasing II-Finding the Alligators in the Key Lease Provisions 
  • Nuts and Bolts of Commercial Leasing Brokerage Agreements
  • Commercial Leasing Roundtable-A Quick Look at What's Hot
  • Leaping into the 21st Century
  • U.S. Investment in Latin America: Selected Countries
  • Technology in Leases-The Brave New World
  • Creating New Places While Preserving the Environmental Amenities

Estate Planning Programs

  • IRAs
  • GRATs, GRITs and GPRTs
  • Alternatives to IRAs
  • Duel Equity Interests
  • Asset Protection Considerations in Estate Planning
  • Variable Annuities
  • GSTT
  • Planning for Today's Family
  • Crossing State Lines (Ethics)
  • Fiduciary Management of the Closely Held Business
  • Marital Deduction Planning
  • Grantor Trusts
  • International Estate Planning
  • Revocable Trust Election
  • Tax Considerations in Trust and Estate Litigation
  • CLTs-Funding with Nontraditional Assets
  • Re-RUPLA
  • Florida Law Update
  • Hubert and Beyond
  • Lawyers and Investment Planning
  • Trusts as Shareholders of S Corporations
  • Modern Investments/Modern Damages
  • MDP & Related Service Providers
  • Technology and Estate Planning


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