1997-98 Section Leadership The 1997-98 Section leaders officially took office at the ABA Annual Meeting in San Francisco, California. The new Section Leadership is as follows:

John S. Hollyfield, Houston, TX

Pam H. Schneider, Philadelphia, PA

Vice-Chair, Real Property Division:
Beverly J. Quail, Denver, CO

Vice-Chair, Probate & Trust Division:
Louis A. Mezzullo, Richmond, VA

Finance Officer:
Alan J. Robin, San Francisco, CA

Dennis I. Belcher, Richmond, VA

Last Retiring Chair:
Lloyd Leva Plaine, Washington, D.C.

House of Delegates Members:
Donna G. Barwick, Atlanta, GA
William B. Dunn, Detroit, MI
John A. Wallace, Atlanta, GA

ABA Board of Governors Liaison:
William G. Paul, Oklahoma City, OK

Real Property Division Council Members:
Philip J. Bagley III, Richmond, VA
Joanne P. Elliott, Park Ridge, IL
Emanuel B. Halper, Greenvale, NY
Daniel J. Homick, Raleigh, NC
Kathleen M. Martin, Minneapolis, MN
Mark F. Mehlman, Chicago, IL
Patrick A. Randolph Jr., Kansas City, MO
Richard Rivitz, Cleveland, OH
Phyllis M. Rubinstein, Richmond, VA
Kevin L. Shepherd, Baltimore, MD
Leopold Z. Sher, New Orleans, LA
Raymond J. Werner, Chicago, IL
Debra P. Stark, Chicago, IL (Assistant Secretary)

Probate & Trust Division Council Members:
Steve R. Akers, Dallas, TX
Christine L. Albright, Chicago, IL
S. Stacy Eastland, Houston, TX
David M. English, Santa Clara, CA
Neal J. Fink, Atlanta, GA
Michael L. Graham, Dallas, TX
Carol A. Harrington, Chicago, IL
Joseph G. Hodges Jr., Denver, CO
Edward F. Koren, Tampa, FL
Judith F. Mazo, Washington, D.C.
Jeffrey N. Pennell, Atlanta, GA
Bruce S. Ross, Los Angeles, CA
Albert S. Barr III, Baltimore, MD (Assistant Secretary)

Good luck to all of the Section's leaders for a very successful bar year.

1997 Fall Council Meeting

The Annual Fall Council Meeting will be held at the Ritz Carlton in St. Louis, Missouri, November 12-16, 1997. The RPPT Executive Committee, Council and Standing Committees will meet at this time. Committee Chair orientation took place in Washington, D.C. during the 1997 Spring CLE and Committee Meeting and therefore is not on the fall meeting agenda. For more information on the fall meeting, contact Michelle Turner, Meetings and CLE Manager, at (312) 988-5263.

Committee Sign-Up

Are you interested in becoming more involved in the RPPT Law Section? Why not join an RPPT committee? The lifeblood of the Section, RPPT committees work on various projects, including: articles for Section publications, legislative issues, committee newsletters, CLE programs and materials and much more.

To receive a list of committees, log on to the RPPT web site at http://www.abanet.org/rppt/home.html and click on the "Committees and Special Projects" icon. This will link you to a list of real estate and probate and trust committee home pages. To receive a Guide to Committees and Committee Preference Form, contact Stacy Walter, Committee Manager, at (312) 988-5260 or stacywalter@staff.abanet.org.

New Section List serves

Calling all committee members! To enhance communication between committee members of the Real Property, Probate & Trust Law Section, several list serves have been created. A list serve is an electronic communications group that facilitates communication via e-mail. It is an easy and efficient avenue to discuss issues with a large group.

The Real Property Title Insurance Committee kicked off this past summer with a new list serve, RPPT-Title-Ins., which was created to facilitate the exchange of topical cases, practical tips, concerns and other legal information between committee members. Committee business information will also be disseminated on the list. The list serve will help lawyers interested in title insurance network with other lawyers with similar interests and practice areas.

The title insurance list serve is open only to members of the committee. Members interested in joining the committee should contact Stacy Walter, Committee Manager, at (312) 988-5260 or e-mail stacywalter@staff.abanet.org.For subscription information, see below.

To reach all committee members, the RPPT leadership has requested that Group List serves be created. Each group of committees will have its own list serve to conduct committee business, exchange ideas for CLE programs and discuss topics related to committee-specific areas. Each Group List serve will be managed by a committee member who will assist members in subscribing and unsubscribing. The Group List serves will be closed lists, open only to committee members within the group. Follow the directions below to join a Group List serve.

The Section has created three closed list serves that will help the RPPT Leadership to better communicate with one another and address the needs of the general membership. The RPPT-Officers list provides a forum for Section Officers.

The RPPT-Council list is a forum for the Section Council and Officers on issues relating to the leadership and future of the Section.

The RPPT-Leadership list is open to Officers, Council members, Group Chairs and Committee Chairs for posting and discussing Section programs, publications, reports and committee activities. RPPT Committee Chairs who have not yet subscribed to RPPT-Leadership are urged to follow the directions below to join.

Subscribing via the Internet

1. Log on to the RPPT web site at http://www.abanet.org/rppt/home. html.
2. Click on the box "RPPT on the Net."
3. This will take you to the page of list serves and external sites ( http:// www.abanet.org/rppt/net.html).
4. Click on the link "RPPT List serve/Discussion Groups" ( http://www.abanet.org/rppt/ listservs.html).
5. Scroll through the list and follow the directions:

For the Title Insurance Committee List serve, find the RPPT-Title Insurance List and click on "subscribe to rppt-title-ins."

For the Group List serves, find the RPPT List serve/Discussion Groups, click on the group to which your committee belongs and follow the subscription directions.

For the Leadership List serves, find the RPPT List serve/Discussion Groups, find the right RPPT-Leadership List and click on "subscribe to rppt-leadership."

Subscribing via E-mail

To subscribe to the title insurance or leadership list serves, send an e-mail message to listserv@abanet.org with the following copy in the message area: "subscribe rppt-leadership " or "subscribe rppt-title-ins " in the body of the message. Do not put anything in the subject line of the message.

The RPPT web site was re-designed before the 1997 Spring CLE and Committee Meeting. Check out the new Books & Media listings found under the "Publications" icon on the RPPT home page, http://www. abanet.org/rppt/home.html.

Section News Editor: Stacy Walter, RPPT Committee Manager, 750 N. Lake Shore Dr., Chicago, IL 60611.

Probate & Property Magazine is published six times annually and is included in section members' annual dues.