Section News

Fall Council Meeting

The Section held its Fall Council Meeting in Boston, Massachusetts October 5-8, 1995. As in the past, all Committee Chairs were invited to attend the meeting and participate in the Committee Chair orientation sessions. The sessions covered topics on motivating committee members, publishing articles in the magazine, CLE program selection and how committee chairs can use the Internet.

Committee Chairs and Council Members also had the opportunity to visit the Section's home page and other World Wide Web sites on the Internet at the on-site Internet Center. The Internet Center provided a great opportunity for the Section leadership to get on the internet, see what is out there and get a feel for the marketing and information sharing potential on the Web. Section members are encouraged to visit the Section's web site at

Eighth Annual Spring CLE and Committee Meeting

The Section's Eighth Annual Spring CLE and Committee Meeting will be held at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in San Diego, California May 16-17, 1996. This will be the Section's first West Coast Spring Meeting. Also, for the first time, the Section will offer all of the CLE program materials on computer disks at the Spring CLE and Committee Meeting. For registration information, please call 312/988-5651.

New Appointments

Raymond H. Young of Boston, Massachusetts, has been appointed to fill the Supervisory Council Member Position vacated by Kathleen Ford Bay, of Austin, Texas. Young is a former member of the Council and Section Secretary. In his new position, Young will oversee the Group I Special Problems of the Elderly and Disabled Committees.

The Section will be represented on the Uniform Law Commission Drafting Committee on Limited Liability Partnerships by Sanford Liebschutz of Rochester, New York for the Real Property Division and Thomas Geu of Vermillion, South Dakota for the Probate and Trust Division.

Member Benefits

The Section is looking to expand its membership benefits and has asked the ABA Board of Governors to approve several new benefits. If approved at the Board's next meeting, the new benefits will be highlighted in the next issue of Section News.

Limited Liability Video Tape Update

The Limited Liability video tape which has been offered to state bar associations as a co-sponsored CLE program with the Section, has been very successful. To date, over 20 state bars and universities have requested the use of the video tape. For more information on the video tape program, call 312/988-5651.


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