Water, Water Everywhere: Two New Model Water Codes
By Ray Jay Davis

Ethical Duties of Estate Planners - What Would You Do?

Keeping the Confidence
By Christopher H. Gadsden

Liability Squared
By Lawrence J. Fox

New Asbestos Regulations for Private Building Owners
By Mark T. Story

Gifts by Agents Under Durable Powers of Attorney
By Randall D. Van Dolson and G. Warren Whitaker

The Future of Revocable Inervivos Tursts: Are the Lines Between Wills and Trusts Blurring
By Donna R. Blaustein and Paul Ward

Pollution Transaction Insurance: The Remedy for All Our Real Estate Transaction Ills?
By Carol R. Boman and Nancy Leary Haggerty

Lender Liability: The Next Horizon
By Douglas O. Cooper, Michael A. Cyphert and Timothy C. Leslie



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