Section News


The Section's Sixth Annual Spring CLE and Committee Meeting was held in Orlando, Florida May 18-19 1995. The Section sponsored over 30 CLE programs and 80 committee meetings during the two day conference. Topics ranged from drafting GRATS and QPRTS to workout and bankruptcy alternatives. This year the Probate and Trust Division presented a basic track of programs entitled "What Every Estate Planner Needs to Know..." These programs covered topics such as: wealth transfer taxation and property law concepts; powers of appointments; income taxation of trusts, estates, grantors and beneficiaries, all of which were aimed at those practitioners who need more basic level information on estate planning. In addition to these successful programs and committee meetings the Section hosted several cocktail receptions and a "Lion King" dinner at the magic Kingdom which delighted children and adults alike.

Mark your calendar now for the Seventh Annual Spring CLE and Committee Meeting, which will be held in San Diego, California May 16-17, 1996. The Section's first west coast Spring meeting promises to be packed with topical programs and opportunities to meet with your colleagues from across the country. For more information on the 1996 Spring Meeting, call 312/988-5651.


Section members voted on and elected new Section officers and Council Members for the 1995-96 ABA year at the Section's annual business luncheon during the ABA Annual Meeting in Chicago, Illinois. The newly elected officers and Council members are:

Lloyd Leva Plaine, Washington, D.C.

Real Property Division Vice-Chair:
John S. Hollyfield, Houston, TX

Probate and Trust Division Vice-Chair:
Pam H. Schneider, Philadelphia, PA

Beverly J. Quail, Denver, CO

Finance Officer:
Clare H. Springs, San Francisco, CA

Real Property Council Members:
Daniel J. Homick, Raleigh, NC
Kathleen M. Martin, Minneapolis, MN
Raymond J. Werner, Chicago, IL

Probate and Trust Council Members:
Edward F. Koren, Tampa, FL
Judith F. Mazo, Washington, DC

Real Property Assistant Secretary:
N. Linda Goldstein, Washington, DC

Probate and Trust Assistant Secretary:
Steve Akers, Dallas, TX

Stephen A. Cowan of San Francisco, California will automatically succeed Max Gutierrez, Jr. of San Francisco, California as Chair of the Section for the 1995-96 ABA year.


The 1995-96 Nominating Committee will meet at the Fall Council Meeting, October 5-7, 1995 in Boston, Massachusetts. The committee members are:

Morton P. Fisher, Jr., Chair
300 E. Lombard St., Suite 1900
Baltimore, MD 21202

Max Gutierrez, Jr., Vice-Chair
One Market Plaza, Spear St. Tower
San Francisco, CA 94105

Carol A. Harrington
227 W. Monroe St.
Chicago, IL 60606-5096

Richard S. Rivitz
1301 E. 9th St, Suite 2600
Cleveland, OH 44114

Carol R. Boman
22 2nd St., Suite 700
San Francisco, CA 94105

Section members may submit to Morton P. Fisher, Jr. the names of suggested nominees for Section Offices.


The Following committees have changed their titles:

Joint Section Committees
The Affordable Housing Group is now the Community Development and Affordable Housing Group (AH).

AH-2 Special Needs Housing is now Land Use and Community Relations Aspects of Affordable Housing.

Real Property Committees
E-2 State and Local Taxation is now Property Tax.

E-3 Governmental Assistance for Real Estate Programs is now Community Development.

E-4 RTC, FDIC and other Federal Agencies is now Government Ownership of Real Estate.

The following committees have been dissolved:

Real Property Committees
I-3 Interest and Usury - former members are now part of the New I-3 Loan Practices and Lender Liability committee.

I-4 Leasehold Financing and Sale/Leasebacks - former members are now part of I-1 Mortgages and Other Debt Financing Committee.

For more information on the Section's committees, call 312/988-5260.