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Volume 26 No. 05

2012–2013 Section Leadership

The Section of Real Property, Trust and Estate Law welcomes its new leadership board:


  • Tina H. Portuondo, Coral Gables, FL


  • Susan G. Talley, New Orleans, LA

Vice-Chair, Trust and Estate Division:

  • Gideon Rothschild, New York, NY

Vice-Chair, Real Property Division:

  • Robert J. Krapf, Wilmington, DE


  • David J. Dietrich, Billings, MT

Assistant Secretary, Trust and Estate Division:

  • James D. Spratt Jr., Atlanta, GA

Assistant Secretary, Real Property Division:

  • James G. Durham, Dayton, OH

Finance and Corporate Sponsorship Officer:

  • Jo Ann Engelhardt, Palm Beach, FL

Section Delegates to the ABA House of Delegates:

  • David M. English, Columbia, MO
  • Kevin L. Shepherd, Baltimore, MD
  • David K.Y. Tang, Seattle, WA

Immediate Past Chair:

  • Andrew F. Palmieri, Washington, DC

Trust and Estate Division Council Members:

  • Katherine N. Barr, Birmingham, AL
  • Terrence M. Franklin, Los Angeles, CA
  • Susan N. Gary, Eugene, OR
  • Steven B. Gorin, St. Louis, MO
  • Carol G. Kroch, Wilmington, DE
  • Julie K. Kwon, Menlo Park, CA
  • Stephanie Loomis-Price, Houston, TX
  • Edward M. Manigault, Atlanta, GA
  • Richard W. Nenno, Wilmington, DE
  • Susan Porter, New York, NY
  • Aen W. Webster, Washington, DC
  • Michael D. Whitty, Chicago, IL

Real Property Division Council Members:

  • Edward T. Brading, Johnson City, TN
  • Dianne S. Coscarelli, Cleveland, OH
  • Robert S. Freedman, Tampa, FL
  • Dennis M. Horn, Washington, DC
  • Elizabeth C. Lee, Washington, DC
  • Nancy R. Little, Richmond, VA
  • Orlando Lucero, Albuquerque, NM
  • Jo-Ann Marzullo, Boston, MA
  • Sandra G. Porter, Tampa, FL
  • Stephen R. Romine, Norfolk, VA
  • James C. Wine, Des Moines, IA
  • Kenneth C. Wright, Orlando, FL.


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