October 23, 2012

Briefs October 2005

Following are briefs for cases heard by the Supreme Court in October 2005. To access other briefs for the 2005-2006 Term, or to return to the main Briefs page for current cases, use the Argument Date menu to the right.

Monday, October 3

IBP, Inc. v. Alvarez et al.
Docket No. 03-1238
Tum et al. v. Barber Foods, Inc.
Docket No. 04-66

Wagnon v. Prairie Band Potawatomi Nation
Docket No. 04-631

Wednesday, October 5

Gonzales et al. v. Oregon et al.
Docket No. 04-623

Schaffer et al. v. Weast
Docket No. 04-698

Petitioners' brief

Respondent's brief—Please check back soon

Petitioners' reply brief

Tuesday, October 11

Brown v. Sanders
Docket No. 04-980

Lincoln Property Co. et al. v. Roche et ux.
Docket No. 04-712

Wednesday, October 12

Garcetti et al. v. Ceballos
Docket No. 04-473

United States v. Olson et al.
Docket No. 04-759

Monday, October 31

Volvo Trucks North America, Inc. v. Reeder-Simco GMC, Inc.
Docket No. 04-905

Central Virginia Community College et al., v. Katz
Docket No. 04-885

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