March 2008 Cases

The following cases are argued before the Supreme Court in March 2008. To access other briefs for the 2007-2008 Term, return to the main Briefs Menu:
Monday, March 17
Tuesday, March 18

District of Columbia v. Heller, Docket No. 07-290

Merits briefs

Amicus briefs
Wednesday, March 19

Chamber of Commerce v. Brown, Docket No. 06-939

Merits briefs

Amicus briefs
Monday, March 24
Tuesday, March 25

Munaf v. Geren, Docket No. 06-1666
Geren v. Omar, Docket No. 07-394

United States v. Ressam, Docket No. 07-455

Wednesday, March 26

Indiana v. Edwards, Docket No. 07-208