Briefs: February Cases 2009 - 2010 Term

The following briefs are for cases to be heard by the Supreme Court in the February Session. They will be posted on a rolling basis. To see briefs for Unscheduled cases during this term, or to return to the main Briefs page, use the Argument Date Menu below.
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Monday, February 22
Tuesday, February 23

Holder, Att'y General v. Humanitarian Law Project, Docket No. 08-1498
Humanitarian Law Project v. Holder, Attny General, Docket No. 09-89

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Wednesday, February 24
Monday, March 1
Tuesday, March 2

McDonald v. City of Chicago, IL, Docket No. 08-1521

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Wednesday, March 3

Samantar v. Yousuf, Docket No. 08-1555

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