December 2007 Cases

The following cases are argued before the Supreme Court in December 2007. To access other briefs for the 2007-2008 Term, return to the main Briefs Menu:
Monday, November 26
Tuesday, November 27

New Jersey v. Delaware, Docket No. 134, Orig

A Note from the Editors:

  • For all documents filed in this case before the Special Master please see the Web page maintained by the law firm Pierce Atwood LLP at this link.
On Exceptions to the Report of the Special Master
Wednesday, November 28
Monday, December 3
Tuesday, December 4

Snyder v. Louisiana, Docket No. 06-10119

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Wednesday, December 5

Boumediene, et al., v. George W. Bush et al., Docket No. 06-1195
Al Odah v. United States, Docket No. 06-1196

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