October 23, 2012

Briefs December 2005

Following are briefs for cases heard by the Supreme Court in December 2005. To access other briefs for the 2005-2006 Term, or to return to the main Briefs page for current cases, use the Argument Date menu to the right.

Monday, December 5

Whitman v. Department of Transportation et al.
Docket No. 04-1131

Rice et al. v. Collins
Docket No. 04-52

Tuesday, December 6

Rumsfeld et al. v. Forum for Academic and Institutional Rights, Inc., et al.
Docket No. 04-1152

Domino's Pizza, Inc., et al. v. McDonald
Docket No. 04-593

Wednesday, December 7

Oregon v. Guzek
Docket No. 04-928

Kansas v. Marsh
Docket No. 04-1170

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