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Following are briefs for cases heard by the Supreme Court in April 2004. To access other briefs for the 2003-2004 Term, or to return to the main Briefs page for current cases, use the Argument Date menu to the right.

Monday, April 19

Central Laborers' Pension Fund v. Heinz et al.
Docket No. 02-891

Schriro v. Summerlin
Docket No. 03-526

Tuesday, April 20

Rasul v. Bush
Docket No. 03-334
Al Odah v. United States
Docket No. 03-343

Intel Corp. v. Advanced Micro Devices
Docket No. 02-572

Wednesday, April 21

United States v. Benitez
Docket No. 03-167

Dept. of Transportation v. Public Citizen
Docket No. 03-358

Monday, April 26

Pliler v. Ford
Docket No. 03-221

F. Hoffman-LaRoche, Ltd. v. Empagran S.A.
Docket No. 03-724

Tuesday, April 27

Cheney v. U.S. D.C. District of Columbia
Docket No. 03-475

Wednesday, April 28

Hamdi v. Rumsfeld
Docket No. 03-6696

Rumsfeld v. Padilla
Docket No. 03-1027

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