Note To Subscribers

Dear Preview Subscriber,

The beginning of the United States Supreme Court term this fall marks a significant transition for Preview of United States Supreme Court Cases as we introduce a new digital subscription format. In partnership with HeinOnline, Preview will now be published exclusively in an interactive PDF format.

This exciting change from print to digital will strengthen our ability to provide you with the high-quality content that you have come to rely on in a timely, user-friendly format, compatible with any platform and device (including desktop, laptop, tablet, and smart phone).

Throughout the Supreme Court term, a digital edition of Preview providing expert analysis of every upcoming case slated for argument will be e-mailed directly to you as soon as it is available. Your digital subscription will also include access to many new features through your HeinOnline login and our annual term-end wrap-up edition,

Issue 8.

Our new digital format includes:

• Electronic alerts when new issues are added;
• Links to amicus and merit briefs;
• Case browsing and searching by docket number, term, case name, subject, and more;
• Links to oral arguments and/or transcripts of each case;
• A custom locator tool for quick retrieval of any case covered by Preview; and
• A searchable archive of briefs and past issues.

Subscribers who currently have access to HeinOnline will be contacted soon by a representative to confirm their Preview subscription. Subscribers who currently do not have HeinOnline access should immediately call (800) 277-6995 (M-F, 8:30 a.m.-5:00 p.m. Eastern) or e-mail to set up their login credentials.

Please note that at the conclusion of the term, interested subscribers will have the option of purchasing a bound compilation of the current volume for a print archive.

We are excited about Preview’s new format and the added benefits it offers. These additions bring greater usability and value to this respected resource. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask us at