Fall 2012

Untangling the Affordable Care Act

Cover Story

Untangling the Affordable Care Act

Amidst its complexities and numerous effective dates, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act impacts nearly every consumer, employer, insurer, and health care provider—and lawyers from general counsels to sole practitioners.

Lawyers who represent sexual-abuse survivors or aid domestic violence victims may start out seeking trial experience but end up realizing they’ve found their calling.

An Algerian lawyer and women’s rights activist advocates through the democratic process in her homeland to achieve gender equity and youth empowerment.

The ABA’s Gender Equity Task Force working groups are tackling lawyer compensation, implicit bias, and fair origination credit, as they strive for the positive impact created by a critical mass of women in corporate boardrooms, law firms, the judiciary, and academia.

Guiding force and former Perspectives editorial board chair; former member of the ABA’s Commission on Women in the Profession.


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