An Introduction to the Complexities of Lead in Drinking Water

An Introduction to the Complexities of Lead in Drinking Water

The challenges posed by lead in drinking water infrastructure are not new. Learn about the history of this compound, the complexities of its potential release into water, and associated management considerations.

The environmental law of the president’s Project XL pipeline permit and proposed border “wall” might surprise you—arguably, there isn’t any.

Under the Clean Water Act and other environmental statutes, the right to a jury trial under the Seventh Amendment is available only for limited issues.

A comparison of U.S. and EU efforts to address alarming declines in bee populations evidences a shift in global environmental leadership.

Recent federal court decisions cast doubt on the scope of the Clean Water Act “permit shield” defense in relation to pollutant discharge permits.

Water districts will appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court to determine whether a Native American tribe has a federally established right to groundwater beneath the tribe’s reservation.

Buyers of real property must take precautions to protect themselves from environmental liability. Use of an air lease with surface easement may be an option.

Develop an understanding of storm water permit requirements under the Clean Water Act, common violations, and how to maintain compliance and avoid citizens’ suits.


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