Food Insecurity Impacts on the U.S. Poor as the World Warms


Food Insecurity Impacts on the U.S. Poor as the World Warms

We must protect food nutrition programs and formulate other adaptation strategies to meet the enormous challenge of feeding our population.

To date, the Midwestern and Southern states have either declined or ignored the invitation to join the OTC.

Owners of properties with environmental contamination are expected to comply with a heightened standard of appropriate care to prevent releases or potential release of the known condition.

The Mingo Logan decision could set the tone for additional review of EPA’s authority in the context of a possible preemptive veto of a CWA 404 permit for the Pebble Mine Project in Alaska.

Despite statutory protections, potential purchasers of property known to contain substances of environmental concern may perceive considerable risk in such a transaction.

If Congress were to repeal the essential governmental functions test, it would help tribes attract private investment to develop their renewable energy resources.


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