Summer 2012: Federalism

A (Mostly) Civil War Over Clean Air Act SIPs

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A (Mostly) Civil War Over Clean Air Act SIPs

The balance of power between the States and the U.S. EPA has come under pressure, with strong pulls toward the federal side of the balance.

Expectations are uncertain as to the direction DOE will take with the 2012 study due to the significant developments since the 2009 Congestion Study.

Laws and regulations restrict ownership of oil and gas, other natural resources, and real property in the United States by alien companies.

The Keystone XL pipeline would provide an avenue for carbon intensive and environmentally impactful tar sands crude to be brought into the United States from deposits in Alberta, Canada.

The Michigan Supreme Court overturned an opinion that gave gravel mining a preferred land use status. New legislature overturns the most recent opinion and changes the earlier test.

Sackett, in effect, announces a potential sea change in EPA enforcement of the CWA, and possibly of other federal environmental statutes.


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