Fall 2016

Timed Trials: Worth a Try


Timed Trials: Worth a Try

Timed trials impose discipline on the participants and keep litigation costs down.

What is the correct response when a politician lays into a sitting judge?

Attorneys who have seen jurors reward brevity and efficiency while punishing repetition and inefficiency realize that it isn’t only trial judges who don’t appreciate tactics that waste time.

The ability of a computer to complete intelligent tasks normally performed by people, has been a trending topic in the law lately, and for good reason.

In order for us to follow a paragraph from beginning to end, without stumbling, each sentence must be connected smoothly and firmly to both of its neighbors.

Continued confusion around the privilege and how it is invoked in various jurisdictions requires in-house attorneys to be vigilant and to help businesspeople to delineate between communications that are likely covered by the privilege and those that are not.

Can juror impressions change during the shared journey of a trial?

It’s no good to be just a good lawyer anymore. You have to say what kind of (good) lawyer you are and claim to know all that your specialty would require you to know.

Ego prevents good lawyers from becoming great.

When a lawyer seeks to terminate a client-lawyer relationship to take on a matter adverse to the client, the lawyer is committing a potential breach of the fiduciary duty of loyalty owed to that client.


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