Summer 2014

Taking Depositions Backwards to Win at Trial


Taking Depositions Backwards to Win at Trial

With electronic discovery supplying so much evidence, today’s depositions need to lay the groundwork for winning trial themes and summary judgment motions.

Litigation readers offer practical advice to advance our profession.

Many claim a crisis is roiling the U.S. patent system, but a judge argues that the program created to address it is too small to make a difference.

For litigators, the web is an overlooked resource for turning up factual information about the past.

Discover how the writing of many lawyers gives readers a mixed message.

A company may own a trademark, but to win in court, it must argue that a rival's infringement harms consumers.

In matters of extradiction, the courthouse is rarely more than a waystation en route to the Department of State.

We cannot allow the extreme politicization of society to infect the federal judiciary.

A party has a duty to preserve only evidence the litigant should know is relevant to litigation.


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