Winter 2013 Vol. 39 No. 1

Judge Jack Weinstein  on Life and Law


Judge Jack Weinstein on Life and Law

Litigation interviews one of the most renowned judges in the history of the federal judiciary.

Most trial work has much in common with the intimacy of performing on a small stage.

An American judge travels into the heat and confusion of Liberia with Lawyers Without Borders.

Behind the mad dash to introduce social media evidence lies potentially complex issues of authentication and hearsay.

A discussion of how to direct an audience’s perception of who did what at the level of sentences and clauses.

Partnership obligations are serious and exacting, but few lawyers think about them anymore.

Mediation settles cases efficiently and frugally. Here are a few guidelines for doing it well.

Disclosure is the name of the game in this growing area.

A brief examination of what a lawyer can and can’t do in this situation.


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