Spring 2013 Vol. 39 No. 2

A 40-Year Retrospective on Litigation


A 40-Year Retrospective on Litigation

What has changed in law—and what has not—since the inception of this publication.

Going to law school is neither a casual endeavor nor an easy decision.

Far fewer cases go to trial now. As a result, young lawyers lack experience.

For clear writing, have the verb state what is going on, rather than a noun made into a verb.

A law firm is a brand, and social media can keep it first in your clients' minds.

Despite the outcome, it is hard to view Chief Justice Roberts's reasoning in the healthcare decision as anything other than conservative.

Foreign discovery is often challenging, but U.S.C section 1782 provides for the production of documents and evidence of person's within the United States for use before a foreign tribunal.

Hubris infects the legal profession, but a lack of courage is more pervasive.

An ethics lawyer outlines the rules around speaking with members of a represented entity.


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