Summer/Fall 2012 - Vol. 38:4

A New Lawyer Prepares for and Defends His First Deposition


A New Lawyer Prepares for and Defends His First Deposition

A young litigator gets advice about what is and is not important in his first big opportunity, and how to avoid messing it up.

James Madison warned in the starkest terms about the dangers of executive power in times of war; his words have proved prescient.

Training Pakistani lawyers to strengthen the country's justice system.

Our discovery system can be fixed by judges who adjudicate discovery disputes informally and promptly.

Litigators are eagerly embracing the iPad. Here are the tablets pluses and minuses, along with a review of some of the better apps.

An author is often the worst person in the world to estimate how others will read a sentence.

Contracts used to be a solemn and sactionable agreement--what happened?

How do you prevent blunders, from overlooking a crucial case to having your expert barred from testifying?

A tangle of ethical problems can ensnare a party who secretly settles in a multiparty case.


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