Sidebar: Saints

Vol. 38 No. 3

The author, a senior editor of Litigation, is with Speiser, Krause, Nolan & Granito, New York City.

Like pilgrims approaching Lourdes, clients trek into our imposing offices searching for a cure. They arrive when disaster, disgrace loom, hopeful that our words, our wisdom will provide healing. Through our guidance, we remove this burden and make it our own. We insist that clients follow our direction, for if they do, the gloom that envelops their lives, their businesses will surely become bright, soothing light.

Rarely during contested litigation do we seek our clients’ advice, consult with them on strategy. We are the professionals, after all. They are civilians—uneducated in law, procedure, trial. During these intense battles, we concentrate on discovery, depositions, the latest appellate court ruling. Clients are ignored, for we have a motion on and we must persuade the judge to rule in our favor.

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