Summer 2011

Representing Torture Victims and Other Asylum Seekers


Representing Torture Victims and Other Asylum Seekers

Seeking asylum is a high-stakes endeavor for many immigrants wanting to stay in the United States. Having a lawyer is important; having credibility is crucial.

Navigating the complex, confusing rules applicable to foreign depositions and transborder discovery can be confusing, but litigators can minimize problems by following the steps described in this article.

When should a judge turn down a settlement that is presented for the judge’s approval? Some would say never, but the answer is neither yes nor no, but rather, “it depends.”

Electronic discovery is more important than ever, but receiving a request for ESI does not necessarily condemn a client to an expensive hunt through long-abandoned formats.

Much of what you have been taught about writing is wrong. A professor of rhetoric shares his insights.

The action in the discovery process has shifted even more fundamentally from the learning of facts to the retrieval of documents.

Trial lawyers are entertainers of a kind, but must remember to separate reality from illusion--at least in their own minds.

New rulings add details to the practice of charging fixed fees.


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