Spring 2011

Under the Radar

Issue Theme

Under the Radar

There are things we do as litigators to call attention to ourselves and our clients (e.g., release a complaint to the press at the same time as we serve our opponent) and then there are things we do that we’d rather have others ignore—that we’d like to have come in under the radar. This issue focuses on those out-of-the-limelight moments and tactics.

The uncontrollable costs of litigation now has the potential to force large businesses to forego the use of federal courts.

The conviction of John Demjanjuk in the spring of 2011 closed the final chapter on a rare successful revolt by Jewish inmates of a Nazi death camp.

The new world has invaded the traditional ornate rooms where serious disputes are decided.

Illinois could not escape the opprobrium heaped on its courts and its politics by pundits near and far.

The feud that erupted between Gore Vidal and William F. Buckley in the late sixties embroiled Esquire magazine and resulted in a litany of suits and countersuits.


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