Fall 2010


Issue Theme


"Evolution" refers to at least two things: the Darwinian theory of how life developed over millions of years, and the changes that people, places, and ideas undergo over much shorter periods of time. Each is relevant to us as litigators.

How often do we try to answer this question from our client's perspective?

The term "mandatory guideline" is an oxymoron and reflects the Sentencing Reform Act of 1984's lack of a coherent intellectual core.

The Clermont's momentous voyage up the Hudson River in August 1807 led to a historic Supreme Court battle over who had the power to regular navigation on U.S. waterways.

So you wanna be a big shot, make the big bucks, have your mug on the cover of Super Lawyers.

What gives a government the ability to tell you what to do, or to make decisions regarding you or your personal matters? Raw power.

The "conspiracy of Catiline" was put down by Cicero, who had uncovered the plot to assassinate him.


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