Law Firm Cybersecurity Breach Opens Door to Lawsuit

By Joseph P. Beckman

Potential ethics and malpractice issues are front and center.


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Proportionality in Discovery Disputes: A Year of Changes
By Hon. Karen L. Stevenson
The proportionality factors in Rule 26 are not just window dressing. They give the court a powerful tool to narrow overly broad discovery requests.

WWWAASSUUP: A Mnemonic for Effective Depositions
By Hon. Mark A. Drummond
This catchphrase is a useful and catchy mnemonic to help remember how to prepare for and take an effective deposition.

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When Overbilling Leads to Disciplinary Sanctions
By Charles S. Fax
When does overbilling morph from a garden-variety disagreement between the lawyer and the client into a sanctionable offense?

Courts May Consider Foreign Law Declarations on Motions to Dismiss
By Matthew S. Mulqueen
Federal court relies on plain language of Rule 44.1 to resolve issue of first impression.

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Attorneys’ Online Comments Can Lead to Positional Conflicts
By Amy Mattson
D.C. ethics committee urges caution when expressing views on social media.

Automatic Disbarment: A Sobering Reality for Convicted Attorneys
By Kristen Burge
DWI felony conviction in another jurisdiction triggers instant disbarment.

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Invest in Your Current Clients for a Prosperous Future
By Oran F. Whiting
Here's how existing clients can provide significant additional and future business.

Making the Most of the First Meeting
By Oran F. Whiting
Steps you should consider prior to meeting with in-house counsel to improve your chance of making a positive first impression.

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