Tips for Making a Lasting Impression When Networking

In a recent Forbes article, author Avery Blank sets forth three tips for making a lasting impression when networking:

  1. Say your name without any preface, while making eye contact and offering a firm handshake. This demonstrates confidence and assertiveness.
  2. Ask about the other person, his/her career, and his/her professional goals. Don’t say too much about yourself at first. This allows you to understand and learn about the other person’s interests and challenges, which information may help you demonstrate your value later in the conversation.
  3. Never say that you want a job; instead, share your future career goals. This signals that you are looking for a job without having to say it, and it lets the other person know what type of opportunities you are looking for in the future so that he or she can keep you in mind.

As the author says, networking is tough, but doing these few things right in the beginning can help you to make a memorable impression and get you off to the right start in advancing your career.

Jessica Pieri is an associate with the Law Offices of Alfred F. Morrocco and Associates in Bristol, Connecticut.

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