2017 ABA Annual Meeting
Le Parker Meridien, New York, NY
August 10–12, 2017

During the ABA Annual Meeting, the Section of Litigation offers 3 CLE Showcase programs that will take your litigation skills to the next level and help you stay abreast of the most current developing legal issues. Our 5 networking events will provide the opportunity to make connections while enjoying NYC. Learn more.

The brave new world of the IoT across several product lines—home devices, automobiles, and medical devices.

The potential move toward a holistic regulation of motor vehicles throughout the product life cycle and its effect on product liability law.

Two toxicologists describe the basic concepts and tools that legal professionals should become familiar with.

Tips for navigating the unsettled self-critical analysis privilege.

It’s one of the skills most central to a litigator’s practice.

Diligence wins the day.

Since the completion of the human genome project, individuals have been clamoring for ways to test their genetic predisposition to future disease.

Product liability suits lend themselves to the potential for disclosure of proprietary documents.

This recording discusses the potential affect legislation being considered by Congress could have on the future of product liability litigation. (8:58 min)

Peggy Smith Bush, managing partner of Southern Trial Counsel| PLC discusses how to achieve better results for your clients and bring more enjoyment to practicing law through the art of genteel conversation. (16:11 min.)

A discussion of how local counsel's relationship with national counsel and the client can affect local counsel's ability to provide superior representation. (10:51 min.)

Junior litigators are often tasked with finding and retaining an expert witness. In products liability litigation, an expert witness plays a pivotal role; therefore, it may feel daunting for a young lawyer to be charged with such an important task. Roadblocks are sure to occur. For example, expert witnesses’ curricula vitae may look the same to a lawyer who is not experienced in a particular industry. Or it may be difficult to determine how "likable" an expert witness will be to a jury. To avoid common pitfalls, this Roundtable panel will offer concrete best practices for finding and vetting expert witnesses. (55:59 min)

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