Fourth Annual Western Regional CLE Program on Class Actions and Mass Torts
Join us on June 16 for this year's Western Regional CLE, taking place in San Francisco!

Defenses for Government Contractors in Combat Zone Cases: The Political Question Doctrine
By Justin T. Green – May 3, 2017
Recent decisions from the Third, Fourth, and Eleventh Circuits.


The end of multi-plaintiff mass tort cases in Missouri is likely still a few years away.

Jurisdictional and practical considerations to bear in mind in the defense or prosecution of claims of out-of-state parties.

Developments since the agency classified controversial herbicide as “probably carcinogenic to humans.”

A wife spent 22 years washing her husband's asbestos-laden clothing, and died of mesothelioma.

A Pennsylvania court’s holding makes it clear that clients sustaining pre-takeoff injuries will be permitted to proceed under state negligence claims.

The Carlson decision offers a lesson regarding the strictness of the federal rule.

Litigators should look to the specific state statutory language and related jurisprudence to avoid baseless positions.

Jim Beck of Reed Smith and Courtney Ward-Reichard of Nilan Johnson Lewis will address the use of blogging and social media as tools for marketing and developing practice expertise.

Featuring a unique group of lawyers and non-lawyers to provide a fact-based peek into the future, including presentations and an interactive discussion among the panelists. (1:01:42)

Examining the holding in this newly announced decision and what it may mean for future parens patriae actions and other types of quasi-class actions or mass actions. (56:12)

Mass torts is defined as many people injured by the same product, where the cases are congregated in multidistrict litigation. The emphasis is on what type of work the new lawyer might do in a firm defending a mass tort case, but also covers the work from a plaintiff’s standpoint. This talk encourages lawyers to go into this field of law.

A discussion of diversity and Inclusion, including ABA Resolution 113, the Model Diversity Survey, the September 2016 general counsel's letter and its impact and importance.

In June 2016, the California Supreme Court issued a decision in People v. Sanchez that drastically alters the landscape related to the admissibility of expert witness testimony, particularly as it relates to expert testimony regarding hearsay statements. Karen Woodward walks us through the decision.

An exploration of this trending defense strategy in mass tort cases.

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