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Best of ABA TECHSHOW – Word for Power Users

Drafting complex documents in Word does not have to be a wrestling match. If you're still manually typing paragraph numbers, tables of contents or tables of authority, then this guide is for you.

Best of ABA TECHSHOW – Preparing for Your First Use of Technology in the Courtroom

Even the most seasoned courtroom attorneys should allow for extra preparation for their first use of technology in a courtroom setting, because the outcome could make or break the case.

Best of ABA TECHSHOW – PowerPoint Storyboarding in the Courtroom

The technique of storyboarding is a perfect fit for opening statements and closing arguments in the courtroom. This article will show how to develop themes and then use PowerPoint to effectively complement your story, instead of creating distractions that muddy your presentation.

Best of ABA TECHSHOW – Running Windows on a Mac

Many claim that Macs offer a superior operating system to Windows, but there are situations in which a Mac-using lawyer still needs to use Windows – learn to juggle both!

Five Ways Law Firms Can Immediately Improve Their E-mail Security

Given the severe consequences that can result from an online security breach, all law offices need to address these steps to better protect their systems.

Making the Most Out of Digital Dictation: Give It a Try and Get More Done

The current wave of digital dictation tools offers fresh options when it comes to mobility and efficiency.

Best of ABA TECHSHOW � iPhone Tips for Lawyers

The iPhone can help you become a more productive lawyer, especially if you know how to make the most of it.

Desktop-to-Courthouse Risk Management Challenges

Decrease the chance of errors when transferring files from your computer to the courthouse by improving your workflow processes, and it will save your clients money, too.

Best of ABA TECHSHOW: The Inbox Ninjas: Helping You Chop Through Your E-Mail Inbox

Desperate about the 20,000 unsorted e-mails in your inbox? Remain calm, and you too can master your inbox and regain control over the chaos.

Best of ABA TECHSHOW: Digital Workflow: Developing the Paperless Habit

Becoming paperless isn�t something that happens overnight. Even if you�re just a solo attorney with no employees there are significant challenges in becoming paperless.

Putting Diversification at the Center of Your Firm's Technology Strategy�Using a Simple Grid Approach

The idea of diversification can also be applied to technology strategy. In fact, given today�s economic challenges and rapidly changing technological innovation, diversification might well be the best approach to technology strategy.

Will Free Fit into Your Technology Budget? An Open Source Software Primer for the Solo and Small Firm Lawyer

It's time for all lawyers, but especially solos and small firms, to learn more about Open Source software.

Best of ABA TECHSHOW: Alternative Billing

Alternative billing is certainly not new to the legal industry. However, with unprecedented changes in the economic climate during the last couple of decades and the resulting chaotic financial backdrops for many law firms, now is a good time for lawyers to really look at what makes alternative billing both economically feasible and practically realistic.

Estate Planning for Your Digital Assets

Given the wealth of information we have housed on our computers and the Internet today, smart estate and succession planning includes addressing how to handle digital assets.

Tech Tool Reviews: Credenza: A Practice Management System That Functions as an Outlook Add-On

This new program offers immediate familiarity, in grafting itself onto and in extending Microsoft Outlook.

Best of ABA TECHSHOW: The Greatest Hidden Windows and Office Tricks for Lawyers

Wanna be better, stronger, faster? No, on your computer, silly. This presentation helps you find out how to tap the potential of the most common desktop applications and operating systems. Learn to control Windows and Office applications, instead of the other way around.

Best of ABA TECHSHOW: Hardcore Scanning for Law Offices of ANY Size

From entry-level scanners through large multi-function machines, we�ll help you understand how to choose the right scanner for your particular law practice. Then we�ll teach you great and creative new uses for the scanner in the law office and show you how to make the most of the software that comes with your scanner. Finally, we�ll demystify the OCR process so that you can convert a hard copy into a word processing document you won�t have to spend hours cleaning up.

The ABCs of Cloud-Based Practice Tools

Sneak peek into the upcoming LPM book The Lawyer's Guide to Social Media.

Mac Daddy: Solutions to Put to Work in Your Law Practice

There are a number of ready-to-go applications for lawyers who run their practices on Macs. Here�s a snapshot of some favorite ones you can put to use in your daily practice.

Tips and Tricks for Developing a Document Management System

These essential how-tos will help you manage the rafts of electronic documents that are critical to every law office.

Tag, You're It! Best Practices for Tagging on the Web

There's something very Web 2.0 about the grass-roots content classification system known as tagging. Here's why tags are beneficial and how to select the best terms. Special from Law Practice magazine's January/February 2010 issue.

Best of ABA TECHSHOW: Taking the Leap: Essential Technology for the New Law Practice

From day one, technology should be an integral part of your strategic planning and should include all the systems you need to deliver ethical, cost-effective and professional legal services. This article provides an overview of and budget-minded roadmap for all the technologies you�ll need to succeed in the practice of law � whether you�re �suddenly solo� or just in need of a techno-overhaul.


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Best of ABA TECHSHOW: Software as a Service: Can You Say Good-bye to Upgrade Headaches with SaaS?

The lure of technology has always been offset by the technical know-how and maintenance required to keep it running. Yet modern law practice relies on a variety of technologies that offer the opportunity to practice more efficiently. The authors explore the characteristics of SaaS and where it fits in.

Online Legal Practice Management Predictions for 2010

Over the past few years, the reliability and acceptability of Web-based practice management applications has grown. Could 2010 (and the years to come) see a significant move from software-based applications to online �cloud computing� practice management?

The Search for Professionalism in the Changing World of Electronic Information

With the exploding quantity of information that clients now generate and store electronically, lawyers can no longer remain in the dark about how it affects their matters. Providing informed advice increasingly calls for a fundamental knowledge of the most effective ways to search and review that information.

Practicing in the Virtual Realm: A Framework for Delivering Legal Services Online

Are you considering moving components of your services from the physical to the virtual realm? Then you�ll want to follow these minimum requirements to help ensure you comply with the rules of professional conduct.

Getting More from Your SharePoint Server Investment

Effectively managing information and leveraging the internal knowledge inside your firm are invaluable to staying on top in delivering your legal services. For firms using Microsoft Office SharePoint, here are helpful capabilities you might have overlooked.

Best of ABA TECHSHOW�: The Trial Tech Toolkit

Web sites are a great tool for adding value to your practice. In this excerpt from The Busy Lawyer�s Guide to Success: Essential Tips to Power Your Practice, Reid Trautz and Dan Pinnington offer nine tips for focusing your site on the most important visitor � the client.

Best of ABA TECHSHOW�: The Trial Tech Toolkit

Trial Presentation software is typically used on a "stage" in front of a court, jury, and, well, let�s just say an audience. Make sure to choose it carefully, and with some due diligence.

Best of ABA TECHSHOW�: The Trial Tech Toolkit

Trial Presentation software is typically used on a "stage" in front of a court, jury, and, well, let�s just say an audience. Make sure to choose it carefully, and with some due diligence.

Best of ABA TECHSHOW�: The Trial Tech Toolkit

Trial Presentation software is typically used on a "stage" in front of a court, jury, and, well, let�s just say an audience. Make sure to choose it carefully, and with some due diligence.

Tech Tool Review

Need an ally in the battle against information entropy? Try Evernote.

The Large to Solo Firm Shift: Calendaring Alternatives

Becoming a solo practitioner can be incredibly rewarding, but also carries a lot of responsibility. Make sure you never miss an appointment or court date by having the right calendar for you.

Password Management

Uppercase, lowercase, special characters ... is it any wonder we can't remember all of our passwords? Take a look at some options to help you safely sort and store your login names and passwords.

Computers, Tequila and Hand Guns: Controlling Technology So It Doesn�t Control You

With so many rapid-fire changes in technology, can we really be expected to keep pace? Maybe it's time to return to a few basics before we burn our hard drives at both ends.

Do Lawyers Really Need Practice Management Software?

Maybe you think you don't need it, but here are a few things that may be worth considering.

What if Apple Stores Billed by the Hour? Lessons for Law Firms

The renowned customer service at Apple Stores shows remarkable similarities to a top-notch law firm � learn why!

50 Web Resources for the Suddenly Solo Lawyer

Two experts share 50 essential resources and links to help solos start up or refine their practice.

Lemons, Lemonade and Lean Legal Technology � A Shoestring Approach to Legal Technology for the Suddenly Solo Lawyer

Being a solo lawyer doesn't diminish your need for technology, but it may mean you face more limited resources. Here are some things you can do about it.

Security for the Remote Office

You set up your remote office, but is it as secure as your clients need it to be?

Our Paperless Office

We've all talked about it. Now, learn how � go paperless!

"Glance" at Your Colleague's Computer Screen � Remotely!

This Tech Tool Review introduces an excellent application for sharing computer desktops via the Internet.

"Glance" at Your Colleague's Computer Screen � Remotely!

This Tech Tool Review introduces an excellent application for sharing computer desktops via the Internet.

Working Remotely on the Mac

Get advice for using your Mac as a work tool no matter where you are.

The Virtual Firm and You

Virtual firms are becoming more and more prevalent. Here are some things to consider before launching your own cyberfirm.

Is It Time for Your Firm to Reconsider Remote Access?

Many attorneys find that working remotely provides a better work/life balance, and here are more reasons to consider it for your office.

Mobile Technology: Tools for Practicing Law from Wherever You Want to Be

From BlackBerrys to netbooks, here are some tips to help you choose the mobile devices right for you.

Legal Technology Trends for 2009: The Year of Hunkering Down

Dennis Kennedy looks back at technology trends for the beginning of 2009, and he makes predictions about trends for the second half of the year. Are you in the know?

Using Windows on Your Mac

One of the excuses that attorneys give for their reluctance to switch from PCs to Macs is that they �need� Windows for one reason or another. The good news is that Macs can run other operating systems, including Windows, whenever needed.

Low-Cost Computer Fixes For Tough Times

This article presents some inexpensive and basic, but often overlooked, ways to speed up your computer while increasing its stability and reliability.

Dragon Naturally Speaking 10 Legal

Voice-recognition software improved dramatically since its inception. Walk through one lawyer's trial and critique of one of the latest options available.

UltraMon 3.0

One of the biggest steps that you can take to increase your productivity is to add a second monitor to your computer configuration, and although Windows has been able to handle multiple monitor support since Windows 95, there is very little you can do to tweak the monitor settings. Fortunately, Real Time Soft has created a utility called UltraMon that allows multiple monitor management.

Nitro PDF Professional 5.5

Still think Adobe is king of the PDF world? Explore one of the latest software options giving Adobe a run for its money.

Technology and Timekeeping Can Help You Capture More Time

Increasing billable hours translates into greater job security � that's a no brainer! This excerpt from the new book The Busy Lawyer's Guide to Success: Essential Tips to Power Your Practice, offers advice to help you more accurately capture and bill your time.

Professional Responsibility When Lawyering In a Virtual World

This "Best of ABA TECHSHOW�" article was originally presented at ABA TECHSHOW 2008, the World's Premier Legal Technology Conference and Expo. It's just one example of the terrific content offered at ABA TECHSHOW by more than 50 legal technology experts. ABA TECHSHOW 2009 will be held April 2-4, 2009 at the Hilton Chicago.

Technology in Trying Times

Technology can be a saving grace whether you are trying to become more organized, increase productivity, or simply make your professional life a bit easier to manage. However, technology can also be quite costly. Learn some tips for using technology to save money in trying times.

An Even Nimbler Acrobat - Adobe Acrobat 9 Has Special Appeal for Lawyers

Adobe Acrobat continues to change the technology landscape of the legal profession, and Acrobat 9 provides even more to help lawyers make the most of technology to advance productivity.


Smartphones, text messaging, WiFi, and other innovations make �out of the office� an obsolete phrase. Clients, are often tech-savvy and expect communication from their lawyers to be quick and convenient. Learn about a tool for attorneys that makes client communications a no brainer.

PDF Converter 5 Pro Enterprise

PDF is undoubtedly the preferred medium of legal professionals. With so many options for PDF-creating software, the selection process may seem overwhelming. Take a look at an option that is both reasonably-priced and compatible with most standard office programs.

Client Retention: Keep Them Coming Back for More with Technology

This "Best of ABA TECHSHOW�" article was originally presented at ABA TECHSHOW 2008, the World's Premier Legal Technology Conference and Expo. It's just one example of the terrific content offered at ABA TECHSHOW by more than 50 legal technology experts. ABA TECHSHOW 2009 will be held April 2-4, 2009 at the Hilton Chicago.

Marketing & Macs

Not just for creative types anymore! A long-time staple of the technology needs of designers, ad agencies, etc., Macs are now worthy opponents of PCs when it comes to the needs of �serious� people. Read more about the ever-growing list of applications designed to help you market your business.

Outlining Options for Macs

PCs no longer hold the lion's share of outlining and information-organizing tools. In this article by Stephen Chakwin, learn about the large variety of tools available for Mac users.

Planning Now for File Management

In planning for the future it is important that you devote sufficient time and money now to developing a file management process. In doing so you will save both time and money in the future in dealing with your files.

Everything You Need to Know About Buying Digital Cameras

Digital photography technology changes all of the time, and quality isn�t determined strictly by megapixils. Learn what you need to know to choose the camera that you need (for your practice and your vacation) from the myriad available options.

Document Management in the Digital Law Office

This "Best of ABA TECHSHOW�" article was originally presented at ABA TECHSHOW 2008, the World's Premier Legal Technology Conference and Expo. It's just one example of the terrific content offered at ABA TECHSHOW by more than 50 legal technology experts. ABA TECHSHOW 2009 will be held April 2-4, 2009 at the Hilton Chicago.

iPhone vs. Blackberry Storm: Blackberry Storm

New technologies are great if they provide the services you need and want. Our authors review two of the hippest new mobile devices and finds them wanting in different ways.

iPhone vs. Blackberry Storm: iPhone

New technologies are great if they provide the services you need and want. Our authors review two of the hippest new mobile devices and finds them wanting in different ways.


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Is Your Firm Face-blocking? Take our Survey!

In preparation for our latest Web 2.0 column for Law Practice magazine, we're gathering intelligence about the practice of blocking social media websites by law firms. Now is your chance to tell the world (anonymously) if your firm is blocking, which sites are being blocked, and if you are in favor or against the practice.

Protecting Client Confidences And Your Practice

Recent data suggests that somewhere between 95% and 98% of all business records are originally electronic records produced and stored on personal computers and similar devices, and thus vulnerable to prying. That statistic, along with concerns about hacking, identity theft, our heavy reliance upon the Internet and the daily bombardment of computer viruses, spyware, and other sneaky malicious software, is strong caution to attorneys regarding protection of client interests. The problem with electronic data security is that it�s usually either too little or too much. Striking the right balance between ease of use and Fort Knox style security is difficult, particularly with wireless networks and broadband Internet connections.

The Formula for High-Tech Trial Success

This "Best of ABA TECHSHOW" article was originally presented at ABA TECHSHOW 2008, the World's Premier Legal Technology Conference. It's just one example of the terrific content offered at ABA TECHSHOW by more than 50 legal technology experts. ABA TECHSHOW 2009 will be held April 2-4, 2009 at the Hilton Chicago.

Drafting Bills Clients Love to Pay - Best of ABA TECHSHOW

Part of the key to collecting fees is your billing process. This article will help you create bills that clients will be happy to pay � and in a timely way.

November 2008 - Bytes in Brief

Keep up to date on the latest trials involving internet fraud, antitrust law, electronic discovery and more. Over twenty brief stories cover various topics of technology in the legal field.
Bytes in Brief

October 2008 - Bytes in Brief

Keep up to date on the latest trials involving internet fraud, antitrust law, electronic discovery and more. Over twenty brief stories cover various topics of technology in the legal field.

Securing Your Clients' Data While on the Road

Whether you are traveling across the county or globally, securing client data is a critical task.  These recommendations offer best practices on ways to keep client communication safe - no matter where you are going, or how you are storing information.

Tech Updates

Joe Kashi discusses recent technology he's tried and found useful to the litigator.

How Lawyers Practice Law and Service Clients with Macs - Really!

While most lawyers are wedded to the PC, these two lawyers enumerate the advantages of the Mac, for work, for home, and for the pure enjoyment of it. Originally presented at ABA TECHSHOW 2008

Clearing Up Software Myths for Attorneys

Understanding your software can save you time and aggravation. In this article common software myths are explained.

Media Expert: Lawyers Missing Big Picture

Lawyers often create problems for themselves by focusing too narrowly on certain aspects of a project rather than the big picture. Robert Ambrogi shares the advice of Dr. Cliff Reader to illustrate how an expert with technical and business experience can help a client take a broader view of a problem.

A Conversation with Corporate Counsel: e-Discovery Trends and Perspectives

In-house corporate legal personnel were interviewed about concerns that are most important to the professionals that manage litigation throughout corporate America and the impact that e-discovery has on their work. The findings and perspectives from these one-on-one interviews are outlined in this report.

Leading with Las Vegas: Installing Legal MacPac at Watt Tieder

One law firm shares how they successfully implemented new technology systems to their offices coast to coast.

Are You Litigation-Ready?

Most American corporations are ill-prepared to respond to electronic discovery requests and go to court. How can they establish a reliable foundation for litigation readiness? Here, an ED advisor proposes a three-step strategy: Assess your technology, map your data and “strengthen your hold.”

Smarter, Faster Ways for Law Firms to Create and Share Documents

Is your firm getting the most it can out of Microsoft Word? Most employees know how to use the program but these more complex tips will help maximize the effectiveness of the program.

Showtime at the Courthouse: High-Tech on a Low Budget

There is little doubt that courtroom tech tools assist most cases, criminal and civil. But how do you effectively use complex and costly courtroom technology? In this article originally presented at the 2008 ABA Techshow, Nils Jensen provides guidelines and advice for navigating these complexities.

How To Regain Control From Your BlackBerry

Blackberries and other smart phone devices are supposed to provide the flexibility to be able to work anywhere but are they really allowing us more freedom? It is important to recognize when your Blackberry has become more of a burden than resource and how to solve this problem.

Should You Handcuff Your Laptop To Your Wrist?

The information you store on your laptop is as valuable as the computer itself. Steven Berwick shares methods you can use to keep your confidential information secure when using portable technology.

Law Office Technology: A Look Ahead

Both law firms and technology vendors are already navigating through early 2008’s rapidly evolving environment. Christy Burke shares some of what is in store for law office technology in 2008.

Avvo, Inc: A Legal Site for Consumers

The internet makes information available to people all over the world, and whether or not you’re wired does affect your practice. Brian Levitt describes how Avvo, a site for legal consumers, can add credibility to your practice.

Client Development: Keep 'Em Coming Back for More with Technology

Client satisfaction can often be more a more difficult undertaking in law than in other industries.  In this article, originally presented at ABA TECHSHOW 2007, Jim Calloway and Nancy Roberts Linder share some tech tips that will help you be up to this challenge.


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Enhancing Expert Witness Trial Testimony: Collaboration Between Testimony and Technology

Visual evidence can be a great advantage in the courtroom. Here are some common problems and suggestions on how to enhance and clarify the presentation and testimony of your expert witness.

CRM as a Competitive Edge for Client Development

Are you too busy to devote time to business development? Streamline your business development strategy with Client Relationship Management (CRM) software. Matching technology with your firm's needs could even out the playing field and establish a competitive advantage.
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Staying on Track with Track Changes

Track Changes is one of the most common and popular collaborative document preparation tools used in the legal profession. Yet it isn't perfect. Some features could lead to potentially embarrassing, revealing or compromising situations. This column may not eliminate all of your frustrations and difficulties but it should make your life easier next time you use this feature.

Capturing More Time... And Keeping Your Clients Happy While Doing It

Accurate time tracking is important not just for billable time, but for all working time. It seems like a daunting task, but once you set realistic goals and make the process a habit, it could provide significant benefits for you, your firm and your clients. Use a pen and paper, a Blackberry or supporting software, but whatever your method, start by reading these useful tips for tracking your time.

Client Files Makeover: The Move From Paper to Electronic Files

This "Best of ABA TECHSHOW" paper from 2006 will put you on the path to a paper free office.

The Multimedia Lawyer

Take advantage of the persuasive power of multimedia. Modern technology has allowed for increased accessibility and lower costs of resources such as digital cameras, printers and software. As multimedia presentations encourage memory retention, why not take suggestions for some quick and effective approaches.
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Wikis for the Legal Profession

With the increased use of "wiki" in the legal profession, there is a surprisingly great knowledge gap. What is a "wiki" and how can it prove beneficial to my work? From the basic to expansive side of this recent phenomenon, Mighell and Kennedy provide a useful tool of reference and insight.

Making the Case—Graphics and the Modern Juror

It has been said that if you can imagine it you can understand it. As a lawyer, it is your role to help each juror �see� or imagine the case based on your arguments, not your opponent�s. This article explains the importance of communicating with visuals in the courtroom, and its effectiveness on modern juries.

Looking Ahead to ABA TECHSHOW 2007

The world's premier legal technology conference, ABA TECHSHOW® comes to Chicago for the 21st year March 22-24, 2007. On the slate are more than 50 CLE sessions presented by the best legal technology speakers, a vendor expo with more than 100 exhibitors and countless opportunities to learn about the latest in legal technology.

Hardware and Software: You Bought It, You've Got It—Now Use It!

Many lawyers are tempted by new technology and its implied promise of speed, efficiency and convenience. Yet once a purchase is made, the transition from box to implementation is often delayed indefinitely. This doesn't need to be the case. Find out how increase the ROI of your next purchase.


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The Strongest Links -- A Look Back at 2006

In keeping with the theme of this month's Law Practice Today, we thought we would revisit some of our favorite sites that we've mentioned in Strongest Links columns this year. We tried to choose one or two sites from each topic, so what you're seeing here is truly the Strongest Strongest Links -- the best of the best. Enjoy, and we'll see you again in the New Year!
The Strongest Links

BEST OF ABA TECHSHOW 2006: Top Ten Causes of Malpractice and How You Can Avoid Them  

Start off the new year armed with the knowledge of how to avoid the most common causes of malpractice. Read this article today.

December 2006 Roundtable: Leading Technology Trends for 2006 and Beyond

The editors of LPT review their technology predictions from last December, discuss what they hope to see in 2007 and predict what might be just beyond the horizon.
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RSS Resources You Can Use: Automated Web Surfing for Lawyers

You've heard the term. You've seen the RSS icon. Now you're ready to use RSS but you are still not sure how it works. Mighell and Kennedy will help you get started with this brief overview on how RSS resources will make your Web surfing more manageable.
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Hitting the High Points of the New e-Discovery Rules

Advances in technology have brought the world to our fingertips. Cell phones, WiFi and the Internet have dramatically changed how and where we communicate. Times have changed and the new rules regarding electronic discovery must change as well. Read more for a synopsis of the amendments along with some observations about their impact.
The Strongest Links

EDD-ucating Yourself About Electronic Discovery

The date the amended Federal Rules of Civil Procedure will take effect is fast approaching. To learn more about the intricacies of e-discovery Dennis Kennedy and Tom Mighell have collected links to portals, resources, blogs, cases and more on this topic.

Law Firm Web Sites: Some Common Mistakes

Is your firm's web site as effective as it could be? Learn how to avoid and correct the most common flaws in law firm web site design.

How Hard Is Your Tech Dollar Working?
The Real Return on Investment

This article will explore different definitions and ways of determining the financial payback on your investment in technology. If done correclty, you should be able to forecast potential benefits and avoid the pitfalls associated with the implementation of new technology that is not a good match for your firm's needs.

The 2006 Discovery Amendments to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure

Proposed amendments to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, approved by the Supreme Court in April, will mark the end of the halcyon days of pre-computer era discovery. Are you prepared?
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The Strongest Links for Road Warriors

With today�s technology, you can take it with you (and by "it" we mean your office). Tom Mighell offers links to products and services that will make any road warrior feel at home no matter where they happen to be.

TechnoFeature�Talk is Cheap: What You Need to Know about VoIP

This article covers what you need to know about VoIP and how to get started.

Your Inbox Spilleth Over? E-Mail Management Strategies the Work

Are you at the mercy of your Inbox? Do you feel like you can't get to the important work because you spend all your time weeding through spam and discussion list messages or trying to effectively organize your case-related e-mail? Learn how to harness your Inbox and make e-mail the workhorse driving your practice forward that it was intended to be.

Authenticating Digital Photographs as Evidence: A Practice Approach Using JPEG Metadata

Joe Kashi offers 15 tips to authenticate your photographs for use in court.
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Improvement Sites

Tom Mighell takes a summer vacation from legal links and offers 10 great sites that help make life just a little bit easier.
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A new crop of marketing and client service blogs were launched this year, many of which are updated daily and aimed directly at lawyers. This month's column offers a quick review of some of the most useful.

Litigating with Acrobat Part 2: Acrobat Inside the Litigation Office

Flexibility is the name of the game with an Acrobat-based filing system. In Part II of this series on"Litigating with Acrobat"Joe Kashi offers general and specific tips and tricks for using Acrobat 7 in your practice.
The Strongest Links


The topic of outsourcing is not handled in a very organized way on the Internet. There are thousands of articles on the subject scattered across news sites, IT pages, and human resource portals. So rather than attempt to decide which of these articles and services were the best, this month's Strongest Links will provide you with the sites you need to educate yourself on the topic of outsourcing, as well as a few articles selected by columnist Tom Mighell.

Basic Digital Photography Made Easy, or at Least a Little Less Obsure -- Part 2

There is a difference in $200 cameras and $1000 cameras; however is it an $800 difference in value? In this article, Joe Kashi continues his evaluation of digital cameras; identifying the pros and cons of specific models.

Litigating with Adobe Acrobat: Part 1

Joe Kashi offers 17 tips on how to make your filing system searchable, accessible and secure while maintaining its integrity by using Adobe Acrobat.

How to Make the Most of ABA TECHSHOW

ABA TECHSHOW is an extraordinary learning experience. It's also somewhat overwhelming with more than 60 sessions, 1,400 attendees and 100 exhibitors. Hit the ground running with these tips.

Law Practice Management Tips Track Sneak Preview�Now More Tips Than Ever

This year's most popular ABA TECHSHOW presentation has been expanded to four sessions offering 240 of the best tips. Here is your sneak peak.

Upgrades That Work, Upgrades That Don't - PART 2

Before you pull out your credit card or spend a minute downloading the latest upgrade, find out what is worth your time and money by reading this article by Joe Kashi.

Basic Digital Photography Made Easy, or At Least a Little Less Obscure -- Part 1

Today�s digital cameras are so easy to use, there�s no reason your law office should be without one. Deciding which one to buy, however, is a daunting task. Learn more before heading out to the store.

The "Authenticity Crisis" 2005In Real Evidence

The digital age in documentation created an environment where authenticity is and should be questioned. Yet authenticity is fundamental to litigation. Read more from ABA TECHSHOW 2006 speaker George Paul.

Information Security: A Critical Issue for Attorneys

Security threats to your clients' data and information are greater today than ever before. Are you protected?
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Most conference attendees will say they learned as much during hallway conversations as they did in educational sessions. The advent of speakers with blogs has brought some of these conversations online. Learn more on how to join the discussion.

The Three Flavors of Adobe Acrobat: A Litigation Perspective

Adobe Acrobat is ubiquitous, yet most lawyers limit their use to the free Reader version. Find out if your firm could benefit from a simple upgrade.
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Human Resources

There's a world of human resource information available on the web. Tom Mighell helps you sort it all out.

Disaster Recovery In Your Shirt Pocket

While disasters, by their very nature, are unpredictable your backup system shouldn't be. Read more to make sure your office is prepared.

Getting Ready for Disaster

What to do when yourneighborhood volcano blows.

Does Web 2.0 Point Us Toward Law 2.0?

Web 2.0 will change the face of collaboration and how we use the Internet. Make sure you are prepared for the implications on the legal profession.
The Strongest Links

Web 2.0

If your idea of surfing the Internet involves passively viewing Web sites for information, Tom Mighell and Dennis Kennedy have a thing or two to tell you about the new technologies that are making the Internet more interactive than ever before.


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Upgrades That Work, Upgrades That Don't -PART 1: Acrobat 7, Notebook Computers, and 64-bit Windows

Before you pull out your credit card or spend a minute downloading the latest upgrade, find out what is worth your time and money by reading this article by Joe Kashi.

Law Practice TODAY Roundtable: Looking Back and Looking Forward

For some, it's their lifeblood. For others, it is the bane of their existence. Find out what technology the LPT editors and other legal technology users actually use and what they hope to see by the end of next year.
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The April issue of Law Practice Today focused on malpractice, and covered some of the best ethics sites on the Net. Now that the focus is ethics, the sites haven't changed. So we'll re-run our April column, with a few notable updates.

Year-In-Review: BIG In 2005 Update

The technology exists but does anyone utilize it? Find out if ABA Webmaster, Fred Faulkner's early 2005 technology predictions came true or were a bust.
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A Daily Dose of Law Practice Management Advice from Blogs

If your last Google search on practice management topics produced zero links to blogs you may have missed out on one of the most useful and up-to-date resources available online. Check out these recommendations from Dennis Kennedy and Tom Mighell.

Remember, Technology is a Supporting Player, Not the Star

When looking for that competitive edge, many firms turn to the latest technology. Yet technology is not the panacea for your firm's marketing woes. Author Anne Parys offers important considerations when contemplating the purchase of new technology.
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Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

You know you need a disaster plan. You don't need to be convinced. But where do you start? Don't reinvent the wheel. Use these helpful sites to ensure your firm creates a successful disaster plan.

Avert Disaster: Protect Your Practice with Online Backups

Is your firm prepared to handle a catastrophe with its current backup system? Using an Internet backup system may be the best choice. Do you know where to start?

A Note of Virtual Caution: Technology's Advantages Have a Cost

Technology’s limitations are not always apparent. Find out what technology is truly costing your practice.

The Top Ten Faux Pas of TIFFs

When it comes to electronic discovery, TIFF files may often be the best option available. Many firms don’t use this format due to perceived costs, yet the opposite may be true. Learn about the advantages and pitfalls of using TIFFs.
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Instant Messaging Resources

IM is no longer just for teenagers. From recent grads to seasoned professionals, IM has become an important tool in business communications. Learn more about its implications and its potential risks.

Killer Desktop Search -- For Free

The search is over. Well, not quite. But it can be easier, quicker and cheaper than you ever imagined. John Tredennick discusses a free search tool that will accelerate your next pursuit for files or e-mail.

Keep it Digital: The Benefits of Technology in Litigation Don’t Stop at EDD

Using technology in the steps that follow the discovery process is important in allowing attorneys to develop well-crafted cases. Cas Campaigne addresses some of the advantages that will simplify the life cycle of a case.

Spoliation Of Electronic Evidence: This Way Be Dragons

Judges are showing increasing intolerance for spoliation, whether it is the open mockery of the system or the subtler version that results from mismanagement. To avoid hefty fines, make sure your firm is aware of its responsibilities in its preservation of electronic evidence.

Law Firm Barriers to Innovation

Is your law firm operating in a structural straitjacket that creates barriers to innovation? The partnership model, based on committees and consensus, makes for conservative decision-making. Is it time to change the way your organization delivers legal services?

Drafting Electronic Evidence Protocols: Staying Out of the Briar Patch

Intimidated by the steps on how to handle and process electronic evidence? Sharon Nelson and John Simek introduce to non-techies how to develop an electronic evidence protocol.

What Is Cost Effective?

Do you know the single most critical factor in cost-effective computing? Joe Kashi provides some insight on making the most of your existing computer and when it is time to open the wallet.

And The E-Discovery Oscar Goes To...

Jeff Brown offers a humorous take on an“Oscar-worthy”performance in e-Discovery opinions.

Managing the Security and Privacy of Electronic Data in a Law Office - Part III

How secure is your data? Is your confidential client information at risk of being exposed? Dan Pinnington examines the issues surrounding security and privacy of electronic data in today’s law office. This except from the managing the security and privacy of data in a law office booklet will be presented in three parts.

Is 64-Bit Computing Worth It? A Performance and Cost Comparison

Are you in the market to purchase a new computer system for youself or your firm? Joe Kashi explains some of his findings when testing performance between 32-bit and 64-bit systems. Read this before you buy! Read more

Common Computing Crises, Causes, and Cures( C 5)

Are your computer shortcomings sapping your productivity? Joe Kashi offers some great advice on how to tackle your computer frustrations and regain control.

Managing the Security and Privacy of Electronic Data in a Law Office - Part II

How secure is your data? Is your confidential client information at risk of being exposed? Dan Pinnington examines the issues surrounding security and privacy of electronic data in today’s law office. This except from the Managing the Security and Privacy of Data in a Law Office booklet will be presented in three parts.

60 Tips in 60 Minutes Preview

Get a sneak peak at one popular session at ABA TECHSHOW. Dan Pinnington shares a few tips to wet your whistle.

Practical Pointers for PowerPoint Presentations

All too often lawyers' visual presentations have too many slides, with too many words on them, in boring sequences of repetitive bullets. Then they compound the problem by reading the slides word for word. Dan Pinnington and Simon Chester preview their crash course on making effective presentations.

The E-discovery Missteps that Judges Love to Hate

According to a survey of recent published decisions, negligent e-discovery conduct has been sanctioned in all 12 federal judicial circuits. In this article, Paul Neale uncovers the most common e-discovery errors for which litigants have been held accountable.

Legal Technology Predictions for 2005: Color My World

One benefit of being in a smaller firm is that you can obtain and use better technology as you—the lawyer—see fit. Congratulations, this is your year.

Did You Buy the Wrong Case Management System Software?

Andrew Adkins explores some of the reasons why you and your case management software may not play well together and tries to help you determine the right path to follow.

Seven Ways to Avoid Disaster in Your Disaster Recovery Planning and Procedures

What's worse than a disaster? How about doubling your disaster with a disastrous set of of discovery plans, policies and procedures? Dennis Kennedy previews his ABA TECHSHOW session with steps you can take to improve your planning and procedures.

What’s BIG in 2005? RSS, Desktop Search, and Collaboration Tools

Not tech savvy? Don’t let that stop you from reading this article and improving your TQ (Technology Quotient). Fred Faulkner identifies the technology trends that will save you time and keep you ahead of the curve.

The ED Battle Plan

Do you offer your clients a solid battle plan for a thorough electronic discovery process? Matt Yarbrough outlines a plan that will eliminate the headaches that can occur when clients are required to collect the hundreds of gigabytes and terabytes of data associated with a discovery request.

The Past, Present, and Future of Legal Technology

Current ABA TECHSHOW Chair Jim Calloway polled past chairs about their thoughts on use of legal technolgy.

Managing the Security and Privacy of Electronic Data in a Law Office - Part I

How secure is your data? Is your confidential client information at risk of being exposed? Dan Pinnington examines the issues surrounding security and privacy of electronic data in today's law office. The excerpt from the managing the security and privacy of data in a law officeBooklet will presented in three parts.
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If you're interested in learning more about blogging, or meeting some of these rock stars of the blog world, read this article and plan to attend the"Meet the Bloggers"discussion roundtable at ABA TECHSHOW 2005.


Click here for a full listing of articles.

Revolutionizing Case Preparation and Client Relations with CaseMap 5 - Making It Easier to Win Cases and Clients

CaseMap is a thinking tool that is revolutionizing the way that litigators analyze, organize, manage and present their cases by letting them see the forest rather than just the trees. Dennis Kennedy reviews CaseMap.


Extranets offer a real utility to law firms–the ability to communicate better with clients with much less effort. Mark Tamminga explores the various options available to law firms interested in using this technology.

Incorporating a Web site into your Marketing Strategy: Getting your Solo Practice or Small Firm Online

Web sites have proven to be one of the most valuable and cost effective marketing tools that a small firm can employ to better communicate with existing clients, and attract new ones. Discover how to update your firm’s Web site so that it becomes an integral part of your firm’s brand identity.

Fifteen Practical Tips for Managing Your E-mail

Are you managing your e-mail or is it controlling you? Reid Trautz offers fifteen tips for making e-mail a beneficial rather than a dreaded part of doing business.

Electronic Filing: Coming to a Court Near You

The future of filing court documents is quickly becoming reality. Has your firm taken the necessary stops to integrate e-filing into your law firm?

A Gold Mine of Electronic Discovery Expertise: A Conversation Among Veterans of Electronic Discovery Battles

Leading electronic discovery professionals and experts discuss what lawyers should know and be aware of when it comes to electronic evidence and discovery.

Prepare for E-Discovery in Four Easy Steps: Identity the Who, What, Where, and When

Not completely knowledgeable about electronic discovery? Learn about the four steps of who, what, where, and when. Plus learn how knowledge of these steps will position you to handle electronic discovery more effectively.

Vetting Your E-Discovery Vendor: The Lawyer's Perspective

You have decided you need to hire an electronic discovery vendor to assist you in your litigation case. Mark Yacano gives his advice on how to select the vendor that is right for you.

Embedded Information in Electronic Documents: Why Metadata Matters

The hidden gems, or smoking guns, behind electronic documents can often be found in meta data. Scott Nagel explains the types of meta data, how to preserve it, and its growing importance in litigation cases.

Dawn of the UMS Subpoena

Electronic evidence is not restricted to just word processing documents, spreadsheets, or e-mail messages. It spreads to voicemail too. David Maizenberg explores the next step in electronic discovery, the Unified Messaging System subpoena.

Law Firm Document Retention Policies

Does your firm or clients have an adequate document retention policy? It is not a one-size-fits-all type of document. Sharon Nelson and John Simek explain the basics of a DRP and provide a sample to get you started.

Time is of The Essence - A Quick EDD Checklist

You are going to litigation that will require you to seek electronic evidence. Lee Neubecker gives a quick checklist of items to ensure you minimize the risk to your case.

Am I Committing Malpractice by Not Considering Electronic Data in My Cases?

As electronic documents continue to become the medium of choice in the business world, Michele Lange raises the question of committing malpractice by not considering them in your litigation cases.

Trying to Get a Clear View of Windows Utilities

A rundown of Windows utilities that will help secure and enhance your PC's performance.

Fifteen Technology Tips You Can Use Today

Dennis Kennedy shares his quick tips from improving Windows folder views to cleaning up your browser to saving space on your hard drive.

Is That Notebook Backed Up?

When people think of backing up a computer most will think in reference to a desktop. John Tredennick shares his experience with a crashed laptop and why it is just as important to perform regular system backups on them as well.

Everything You Need to Know about VoIP

Dennis takes a look at all the angles on VoIP with his top choice of links on the technology.

Top Ten Steps for Computer Troubleshooting

Your computer just did something out of the ordinary and you don't know what happened. Dan provides ten steps to troubleshoot the problem.

VoIP for Lawyers

Could a VoIP system be right for your firm? Christian gives an overview of VoIP, what it is, types of systems available, and how it can benefit your firm in addition to simply being a different type of telephone system.

Putting PDF and Adobe Acrobat into Your Tech Toolbox

With the continued adoption of the Portable Document Format, or PDF, in the legal industry, Dennis gives his top PDF resources for the novice and experienced user.

Wireless Insecurity

Before you establish a wireless network for your law office you should take a serious look at the security issues that come with it. A proponent of a wired environment, Joe points out some realities of wireless security.

Lou vs. Mike and the Future of Legal Technology

If you missed ABA TECHSHOW 2004, here is your chance to read the transcript from the standing-room-only Keynote address. Lou Andreozzi and Mike Wilens shared their respective visions of the future of legal technology. It is a must read.

60 Tips in 90 Minutes

Get a sampling of tips that this team presented at ABA TECHSHOW 2004.

Creating an Electronic Closing Binder

This how-to guide takes you through step-by-step on creating an electronic closing binder for your real estate practice.

2004 Legal Technology Trends: Do We Stand on the Threshold of the Next Legal Killer App?

Dennis Kennedy shares his seven biggest legal technology trends for 2004 and a few more that you should keep your eye on.

ABA TECHSHOW®All Year Long: Legal Technology Blogs

Who says you can only catch up on legal technology once a year? Dennis gives you his top picks for year-round legal technology news you can use.

What's The Big News at ABA TECHSHOW®This Year?

Three members of the ABA TECHSHOW 2004 planning board sit down to discuss what attendees can look forward to at this year's conference.

My Favorite Gadgets: A Preview

What would ABA TECHSHOW be without a session or two on gadgets? Most of us play with gadgets, and some of them actually help us practice law. Here is a sampling of the gadgets that will be featured in the My Favorite Gadgets session.

Canning Spam: Unclogging Law Firm Mailboxes

It is a problem we all face. Here is a short look at the new Federal Law and some solutions on how to reduce your inbox overload.

Practice Management Face-Off: Time Matters vs. Amicus Attorney

Grab a sneak peak at this face-off between Time Matters and Amicus Attorney. This preview includes one of the four tips that will be presented this year.

Why Real World Computing Performance Doesn't Match Its Promise

Joe put a couple of computers through a barrage of controlled hardware tests to see if the low-end were really that far off from the high-end computers in performance. Joe now has a new outlook on regular hardware upgrades. Check out his results.

Dragon NaturallySpeaking: A Change in Lifestyle

The use of dictation software can increase your productivity, allowing you to bill more hours, utilize other staff for tasks other than administration, and more. Andrew Roman shares his experience with dictation software Dragon NaturallySpeaking and how it can benefit you.

We Canned Spam

Editor-in-Chief John Tredennick shares how his company beat the spam problem.

A Study Guide for ABA TECHSHOW 2004: Internet Resources for Learning About Legal Technology

Dennis Kennedy gives his top list of Web resources when he is looking for more information about what is going on in legal technology.

Introducing The Digital Law Office—A Historical Perspective

A look at the idea of the digital law office and an introduction to what you need to consider before implementing one.

Building a Virtual Law Firm: Changes and Opportunities

Joe Kashi examines several models of how attorneys can leverage new technology to realize the"virtual law firm"as a viable means of organizing law practices.

Reorganizing The Digital Law Office

Moving to the next level of law office efficiency requires abandoning paper files as our basic organizational approach.

Electronic Document Retention Policies (And Why Your Clients Need Them)

We all think about the question,"Do I need to keep this file?"Then comes,"For how long?"Paul French explains what to keep and how to ensure compliance.

A Vision for Virtual Law Firms--Questions You Should Be Asking

With new technology making virtual firms more of a reality, Dennis Kennedy asks some interesting questions about the topic.

“May I Have My Electronic Discovery in Paper Please?”

Lawyers inch their way toward a paperless practice, out of the"tradition"we were raised on.

Portable Printing

Solutions for those who go on the road frequently.


Click here for a full listing of articles.

Six Ways to Add Pizzazz to Mundane Documents

A trial lawyer's greatest enemy is boredom. Craig Ball gives his tips on how to keep your argument engaging using PowerPoint.

Seven Ways to Spend Too Much on Technology

Technology spending has grown to comprise 4 to 6% of an average firm's budget. Many firms don't use that budget to their best use, wasting it away on unnecessary projects and upgrades. How many of the following ways to waste your budget apply to you?

From Clueless to Wireless in Fifteen Minutes (Give or Take)

How one little pop-up bubble opened a whole new world.

Wireless Networking 101

The How-To's and what it all means when looking into a wireless environment.

Why Cheap Broadband Could Revolutionize the Law Practice

Don't have access to DSL, Cable, or Satellite Internet access? Just wait, powerline broadband could be just around the corner.

The Seduction of Wireless Networking: Resist the Temptation

Make sure you understand everythingBefore you jump into the wireless world.

The Strongest Links: Wireless

Dennis Kennedy's survival-of-the-fittest list of links related to wireless resources.

Working Group on Electronic Technology in the Criminal Justice System Says Sharing is Good

A powerhouse group drawn up of leaders in the federal criminal justice system recently released recommendations for dealing with electronic evidence, at least for the federal criminal bar.

Computer Viruses to Spyware: Things You Don't Want to Pick up Online

August 2003 was a difficult month for PC users regarding viruses. From Blaster to Sobig, Jim talks about viruses and several new additions under the category of nasty things circulating on the Internet.

Electronic Discovery: The Top 10 Challenges and Solutions

The management of electronic evidence is easier for those of use who know how to avoid the most common pitfalls associated with this emerging part of discovery.

Word Processor Tips and Tricks

Simple word processing tips for both Word and Word Perfect. Dan helps make some tedious processes simpler.

A Few Tech Tips Acquired Over The Years

You're no techno-geek when it comes to computers. The thought of changing settings makes you wary because you hear of all the horror stories:"I clicked this one button and the screen went blue."Bruce Dorner shares a few tips he has learned that anyone can use to make his/her daily computing experience a little more enjoyable.

Overlooked Computer Maintenance

Sixteen useful upgrades that will help you keep your computers and office up-to-speed for the future.

Reducing Office Staff Requirements with"Enabling Technology"- Part 2

Digital filing. Billing and accounting software. There are tools available and affordable that can help your staff cut hours of administrative work to focus on your clients needs.

Surviving The E-mail Onslaught

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