Law Practice Today | November 2012 | Prepare Your 2013 Business Development Goals Now
November 2012 | Prepare Your 2013 Business Development Goals Now
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2013 - No Time To Run And Hide

By Allan Coleman

In a down economy, law firms may be tempted to hunker down and not aggressively pursue business development activities and investments. Doing so is a big mistake. Smart firms know that this is precisely the time to re-energize basic business development practices and pursue growth with all you've got.

Business Development - Fail to Plan and Plan to Fail

By Amy Galie and Amanda Steinbach

Enough excuses – a business plan is not just a good idea, but absolutely essential for a lawyer looking to grow his or her practice. Developing a business plan is not rocket science, but it does take some thought – and time. Here are practical tips for how to start.

Establishing a Culture for Marketing and Business Development in a Mid-Sized Law Firm

By Nancy Gimbol

Can you succeed in building a marketing culture at a mid-sized firm? Yes, according to this veteran of big and mid-sized firms. The keys to making it work are solid support from the top; as much personal, one-on-one contact with attorneys by the marketing director as possible; and constant sharing of progress and successes.

How To Obtain and Retain Clients

By Greg Stephens

If clients know, like and trust you, and if you stay connected, you will get and keep their business. Learn how to build and leverage relationships, offer to help others while expecting nothing in return, and be persistent but pleasant – and you will be rewarded.

Making Web Analytics Part of Business Development Planning

By Steve Henning

Web analytics tools offer law firms a wealth of data for making informed decisions about where to invest online business development efforts. A detailed analysis of the behavior of your online visitors can have a major impact on the success of your firm's website – and your budget planning.

Secrets of the Masters: Top Business Development Techniques for 2013

By David Freeman

Learn rainmaking techniques compiled from 28 top law firm business development experts, including tips for developing niches, building networks and staying top-of-mind, getting meetings and maximizing effectiveness during meetings, delivering exceptional levels of client service, and best practices in making business development sustainable.

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The Slippery Ethical Slope of Social Media

By Ed Poll

Social media tools like Facebook and LinkedIn are powerful marketing and business development tools for lawyers. But the ease of use and widespread availability of information broadcast through social media has raised some serious concerns by bar association ethics officials. This article looks at some of the current areas of concern with social media.


Christy B. Mason

Interviewed by Wendy L. Werner

Christy B. Mason is the deputy director of a nonprofit organization in Portland, Oregon with previous experience working in a law firm, and in the state attorney general's office.


Milan Pham

Interviewed by Mavis Gragg

Milan Pham, founding member of the North Carolina firm NicholsonPham, sits down with Mavis Gragg of BuckleySander LLP.

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The Digital Edge: Lawyers and TechnologyTHE DIGITAL EDGE: LAWYERS AND TECHNOLOGY
61st Edition - 2012 Tech Toys

By Jim Calloway and Sharon Nelson


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